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January 5th, 2007 // Leave a Comment

Recently I was lucky enough to speak with Erica Salmon. Clearing a few moments from her non-stop schedule, she talked about her fashion creation Fantasy Fashion League as well as some current trends. The game puts your style savvy to use and is the fashionista’s answer to fantasy football. While names like Manning and Urlacher are replaced by Valentino and Karl Lagerfeld, the concept is very similar. Check out the game at Fantasy Fashion

A Socialite Life: Not only do you have a Fashion League and a Celeb League, you are adding a new Beauty League option. Where did the addition stem from?

Erica Salmon: The game was lacking a beauty element and it was a factor that is often requested. It flexes your trend muscles and offers an upper hand to those whose forte isn’t designer savvy. We were honored to team up with mark. (a division of Avon) to offer more options. We are proud to offer the Beauty League option for FREE. I am very excited to see how the new option goes.

ASL: Who is your red carpet pick this year?

Erica: Beyonce. Hands-down Beyonce. She has been my pick for most of the season. With all her Grammy awards and current nominations, she is an excellent source of points. I also think this is the year of the men. Last year George Clooney reigned, but this year offers more variety of male talent.

ASL: There are a ton of offers on your site. If you purchase a card to play in the Award Show Season for just $10, you also receive a year subscription to your choice of Lucky, Glamour, W, or Cookie. That is an amazing offer. Tell me about how that came to play.

Erica: The fashion gods smiled upon us and we were able to team up with Conde Nast. All of our big points come from the magazines the first Tuesday of every month. It just made sense to offer the magazines. Also we are awarding a trip for two to The Fashion Insider’s LA Experience during Oscars Weekend. It ends January 15th, so you better hurry and submit an entry. It will be a ton of fun with shopping, a day of beauty, a tour and Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio tasting, and pre-Oscar party.

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ASL: On a not so fashion-related topic, what is your favorite TV show?

Erica: That is a good question. I don’t get the opportunity to watch much television but the Soap Network ran an “Ugly Betty” marathon. It is a great show and plays to the fashion industry with a humorous twist. I also enjoy “Entourage.”

ASL: Recently we had a huge Ugg debate. Do you have an opinion on the subject of the trend?

Erica: They are a trend but I do not own a pair. It really depends on what area you live in. Some parts of the country are just hitting the Ugg phenomenon while other parts have had their fill for the past few years. I just see little girls in my son’s class wearing them and I base my feelings from that.

A special thanks to Erica and the entire team that makes Fantasy Fashion League work!

By Cara Harrington

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