ASL At The Playboy Mansion

“The Girls Next Door” Season 3 premiere this Sunday on E! at 10PM was the reason for our invite to come on down to Hef’s crib to do some stargazin’. Also, Ryan Seacrest was launching his new reality show on E!, “Paradise City,” which is premiering the same night at 10:30PM.

It was my first experience anywhere near the mansion, and it dawned on me driving up as we passed by a construction-looking sign that read, “Playmates at Play” how wasted this experience would be on myself and my compadre, Wayne Ford, seeing as how neither one of us is really that interested in boobies. But, as it turns out, it was still fun because we got to see Juicy J from Three Six Mafia, as well as Elise Neal from “Hustle & Flow,” which I was excited about because I’d just watched it for the first time over the weekend.

“Stevie Wonder, we HONGRY!” is my favorite line in the movie, but that’s totally beside the point.

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Shanna Moakler was there, chatting with reporters about the new line-up for “Dancing with the Stars,” as well as definitively stating that no, she was not with Travis Barker and was not pregnant. Travis, who was rumored to be attending the party as well, was possibly inside already making out with someone, Shanna suggested jokingly. Or maybe she wasn’t. Who knows with those two…

I ran into Alison Waite, Miss May 2006 (Link NSFW), whom I recognized from my Vegas leg of the Skyy Vodka trip and was sweet enough to pose for a picture for us. She also shared that she would be in the first episode of “The Girls Next Door,” and you might recognize her because she happens to be the only brunette in the bunch.

And then there were the girls and Hef, of course. Fielding some questions about rumors of upcoming nuptials, Hef and Holly played it coy whenever the words “wedding” or “baby” were dropped. Hef dismissed the rumors by saying that they were created on the news desk of some reporter and left it at that. They were much more eager to chat about the upcoming season of the show.

“American Idol” represented up in the mansion, with appearances on the red carpet from Bo Bice, Randy Jackson, Ryan Seacrest and Simon Cowell. Simon and Ryan were playing nice, no evidence of their little “sweetheart” tiff anywhere to be seen, and each of them very politically answered any questions posed to them about Britney Spears’ meltdown.

Ray J. breezed through pretty quickly, and the cast of “Paradise City” were more than happy to pose for pics. On the tip sheet, I read that B.J. Novak from “The Office” was possibly attending, but unfortunately the one person I was most excited to see, didn’t show. Right before we headed out of the joint, who should pull up in his shining, white hoopdie, but Mr. Travis Barker. I wonder if he made a beeline for the grotto.