Ask ‘Drag U’s’ Pandora Boxx – It’s Final Exam Time!

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How do you achieve a more girlish figure?
Sadly, we’ve reached the end of the semester at RuPaul’s school for ladies and ladyboys…and this is the last batch of advice to be doled out by Drag U’s Professor Pandora Boxx, so make sure to take notes! Since it’s our last column, we’ve made it super-sized and even added some questions from some of Pandora’s fans from around the world!

First off, we’ve got a question about a big cover-up – finding the best foundation. An anonymous advice-seeker writes: “I want to start using foundation, but I don’t know what’s best for me. I don’t want to look overdone, but I have some redness that I need to cover up. What products do you recommend?”

Pandora responds: Foundation is tricky because it’s really a personal preference.  Your best bet is to go to a makeup counter and ask the makeup artists there. One makeup brand I would recommend is MAC, which is amazing and has several different types of foundations for various types of coverage.  Some other great brands are NYX Cosmetics (also a very affordable brand) and Trish McEvoy. 

The appeal of Drag U is universal, and here’s a question from Terry McGrath from London, England. He writes:
“Hi, I’m a slightly chubby English gay man in London, England (and Pandora Boxx fan) and I’ve just got a first permanent-looking little red spot on my forehead. Should I give up any hope of love now?”

Pandora’s response: I’m so sorry that you’ve grown a third-eye.  Kidding.  But you really have to make light of things that you can’t possibly change.  There are always great cover up cremes you can use like Dermablend.  Or maybe glue a rhinestone there and go out and party.  If it really bothers you then a laser treatment might be the option you want to go with.

Last but not least, here’s Twitter fan @Aquaventra, coming to us all the way from from Belgium! He asks what all drag princesses and wannabe drag superstars want to know: “What’s it like being in drag and how much pain does it really take to be gorgeous?”

Pandora says: Drag is very much like dressing up for Halloween, just on a more frequent basis.  While drag isn’t exactly comfortable, it’s the price you pay for a night of glamour.

Great advice! Many thanks to Pandora Boxx for conducting this special summer session for us! The learning isn’t done yet – don’t miss an all-new episode of RuPaul’s Drag U, tonight at 9pm on LogoTV. In this week’s episode, Pandora, Latrice Royale and Raven help three ladies who refuse to grow up gain a little adult education through the power of drag. Actress Joely Fisher is this week’s guest judge. If you like to talk in class, why not join your fellow Drag U fans for a live chat during the show at And, if you want to know who’s joining Pandora on RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars, don’t miss the big announcement during this week’s episode of In the Big House, immediately following Drag U at 10pm!

Keep up with Pandora Boxx at, Twitter and Facebook and make sure to pick up her new single tomorrow, a dynamite cover of Samantha Fox’s hit “I Wanna Have Some Fun” on iTunes! (And don’t miss our exclusive interview with Pandora tomorrow!)