Ashton Kutcher’s Naked Torso Stars In ‘Killers’

Now if they could get him to keep his mouth shut, I may actually go see this movie!  Zing!

Ok, down to business.  Two of the arguably most annoying actors in the biz, Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher, have teamed up in a romantic comedy called Killers.  You may recall a lot of hair turmoil surrounding this movie lately.

Kutcher plays a retired assassin who discovers a hit has been put out on him shortly after marrying Heigl, and then I’m forced to assume that hilarity ensues.

Something tells me that these screen shots and trailer (you can watch it after the jump) pretty much feature the only part of the movie that’s worth anything.  Male flesh!  I just saved you ten bucks.  You’re welcome.

Also, bearing in mind that I’m not a Grey’s Anatomy fan so I don’t want to scratch out Heigl’s eyes or anything, this coupling is kind of creeping me out.  Kutcher and Heigl are exactly the same age, but she looks like she could play his mother.  Even Demi Moore is looking younger than her these days (not that she got any plastic surgery of any kind, right?).  It’s the Twittering that’s keeping Demi young, I’m sure.

Where was I?  Oh right, nude man-parts.  Enjoy!