Ashton Kutcher’s All Grown Up

August 18th, 2006 // 4 Comments

Ashton Kutcher recently spoke to Parade magazine about his relationship with wife, Demi Moore.

Kutcher is careful not to “encourage the unfair and abusive aspect of the curiosity about us,” he says. Still, he beams about his new role as ‘the other dad’ to wife Demi Moore’s three daughters. “There is not a human being that I could love more than those girls and their mom. If I had a daughter that was of my blood, I wouldn’t love that child any more. I feel like I have three kids and we’ll see whether we’re given another child.”

On his relationship with Bruce Willis, Kutcher tells PARADE: “We are teammates. I hope the effort that Bruce, Demi and I put into our relationship helps other divorced people who are having a hard time. In order for it all to work I have to have a good relationship with Bruce. He’s not ‘the other guy.’ He’s not in competition. We have our own friendship. I’m not saying it’s not hard, man.”

Holy crap, when did Kelso grow a brain? I think I’m rather smitten…

Written by Lisa Timmons

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Libraesque

    Mark my words, in a couple of years it will come out that he’s been schtoping the oldest daughter all along

  2. RitaPita

    Hahaha…. so true..

  3. Cosina

    You could be very wrong. Give the guy some credit.

  4. celebgossenthusiast

    Isn’t he closer in age to the oldest daughter than he is to Demi? How can he feel so paternal over them? I wonder how he “parents” them.

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