Ashton Kutcher Spotted With Katherine Heigl’s Killers’ Fashion Disaster

Did anyone watch the Ustream of The Killers’ premiere last night on Facebook or Twitter? I went on to try and catch those first 13 minutes of the movie the promotion promised, but got bored after about twenty minutes of red carpet chatter with random people. I never made it to the movie (had to get back to writing), but I hope someone did because it seemed like a cool idea.

Not a cool idea? Katherine Heigl’s hair. I never liked her brunette look. There’s something about the color that reads $5, buy one get one free special, and at last night’s premiere she twirled it into some messy curls that the Daily Mail called a “failed Shirley Temple.” Add in a busy ruffled top, wide pink blinged out belt, and a layered black skirt and you have a whole lot of Heigl mess.

Put that next Demi Moore’s glossy textured hair and sleek midnight blue dress and Heigl looks like a girl playing dress up. Ashton Kutcher manages to compliment his wife’s grown up look, with an all black suit and shirt, but a playful young black bowtie. He also took the moment to support a cause the couple is passionate about, flashing a sign that read “Real Mean Don’t Buy Girls!” It’s sort of like twitter live.

Tom Selleck, who plays an overprotective father in the flick and looked dashing in his signature mustache and a beige suit, doesn’t share his costar’s affection for the social media or really technology in general. “I have a cell phone, but I memorize the numbers and punch them,” Selleck told
ABC in an interview about the film. “I don’t like to pre-program. I don’t know how. I can’t turn on a computer. And as far as Twitter, you know, it’s a noise a bird makes.”

We’ll have to see how much noise The Killers makes when it opens, because the movie will not be screened for critics.