Ashton Kutcher Posts Photo Of Demi Moore’s Ass On Twitter

March 23rd, 2009 // 45 Comments

That Ashton Kutcher. Such a boy at heart. While in Miami for Bruce Willis‘ wedding to Emma Heming, Ashton Kutcher took a photo of wife Demi Moore‘s bikini clad bottom. Nothing to unordinary about that. However, he then decided to post the photo on Twitter.

These were his tweets:

“watching my wife steam my suit while wearing a bikini. I love God!”

“Shh don’t tell wifey” (he attached the photo to this tweet)

Game on Demi. I wanna see Ashton’s ass now!

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. therealdana

    I guess you can take the Kutcher out of the Kelso, but you can’t take the Kelso out of the Kutcher.

  2. LeslieD

    I love this–they are a fun sweet couple and I am glad they are still hot for each other. and she does have a great ass.

  3. Matty

    Anything to stir up some publicity for two stale careers.

  4. Jones

    get your fats straight!!

    Bruce got married on Parrot Cay in the beautiful Turks and Caicos. Madonna was also present.

  5. Bella

    She ought to smack him. Not for the photo, but for using the term “wifey.” VOMIT.

  6. WifeySchmifey

    I agree Bella – the term wifey makes me want to scream!!!

  7. Evil Overlord

    Mr. Kutcher you sir, are a Tweetering Twat…

  8. creigs9

    All that money, you would think they could afford a bigger bathroom.


    this shows what a big douchebag ashton is showing a photo of demi and her granny draws becuz asthon is still an immature kid

  10. shari hassler

    For all we know it could be Rumor Demi’s daughter.!! having a little
    fun.. Since Mommy is a little too
    old for this shot..

  11. caroline

    guess he was really just looking for a mommy

    what a loser.

  12. K

    ew. her butt looks… old.

    gross :P

  13. Porkie

    What’s that weird bulge between her legs? Is it just the way the fabric is bunched up? Ick.

  14. getreal

    Oh come on, as if she didn’t say “my ass looks great, right!? quick, take a pic and post it like it’s behind my back. hehe.”

  15. Shya

    If you really bothered to actually follow them on twitter, you would know that they are in Miami because Ashton is shooting a movie there.

  16. jules

    love me some kelso!

  17. Jessica Biel

    Dude, Where’s My Wife’s AS$ ?

    It’s flat as a board!!!

  18. Jon Doe

    Even though they are larger panties….I can still see her lips hanging from all that cock she takes. Gotta love it

  19. Um...

    what butt?? She’s incredibly flat! Wow. That’s kind of embarrassing! Ashton would SO be on punishment for showing Mama in her granny panties. Not hot AT ALL.

  20. haha

    Yikes Shya, you’re right, I should be keeping up with Ashton Kutcher’s blog. LOL.”If you bothered”….

  21. Nicky

    I agree haha, who would bother keeping up with Ashton Kutcher’s blog. Who ever wrote this blog piece probably doesn’t give a toss about Ashton and Demi so couldn’t be bothered getting their facts straight. Ashton is an idiot so I can’t believe anyone would waste the space to write this crap.


    Sorry but her age shows she has not (ass) and his age is shows (no class).

  23. ashton's an idiot

    Yes, she definitely married a 25-year-old. What a mature, respectful man he is. Just what I’d expect from males under 40.

  24. Katie Griffin

    A reminder why marrying younger guys is O U T !

  25. David

    No offence to Demi, but I think it looks like a mans butt :/

  26. James

    I don’t even believe that is Demi. She wished. Believe me, if it was really her her bottom would be twice as big, not to mention her legs. Seriously, look at recent photos of Demi….there is no way that that photo is her. Ashton has just PUNK’D everyone.

  27. TK

    Are you all awesome or what? Aston K. does a ‘funny’ and you’ll suck it up like its a dropping from the gods. Kutchner is an farm boy from Iowa who works hard at being cool; D. Moore is an idiot who can’t get along with her mother. What ya’ll need is a life…instead you follow these ‘celebrities’ around like lemmings, calling them by their first names like you’re bros or BFF. Such idiocy! You all have been punked in the worst possible way. LMAO!

  28. Ashley

    I think it’s great Demi and her husband still adore each other.

  29. Dani

    Great ass?? sorry but where! Ashton should see reall butts , check out the brazilians girls ones,you will see what a beautifull butt is all about !!

  30. Rob

    What Ass?

  31. markus

    well gisele bunchen has no ass either ! i tell you what i found the best butt on youtube and that belongs to Keyra Agustina my friends, so delicious i couldn’t stop rewinding it!

  32. Wwwpzwiz

    kwZYoM comment4 ,

  33. Thisguy

    What is this world coming to….?

  34. Thisguy

    ashton- what a dum.bass, what is this world coming to….?

  35. manin2

    agreed,the person who said that is an ass, especially even a NICE ass, must be on some heavy crack… I bet its just a pic off google search and I bet even more he’s using it for publicity…every time you hear ashton kutcher you hear twitter too… that’s how he got a job working for the government as a diplomat… id say his twitting got him recognition and money…can’t hate on that suckas.

  36. Nick

    what a boring and shapeless behind. it could easily belong to a skinny man, gross

  37. Melissa
    Commented on this photo:

    What bottom?

  38. rob

    Not bad for, how old is she? 60?

  39. Awareness for kids

    They are so dum , they expect people to respect what they say. I mean they both act as sexual deviants themselves. Hypocrites

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