Ashton Kutcher And Jennifer Garner Talk ‘Valentine’s Day’

Ashton Kutcher and Jennifer Garner’s characters in their new movie Valentine’s Day deal with proposals, crushes from students, and flowers  but what about real life?

Kutcher considers if he would give a stuffed bear to his wife Demi Moore.

“She’s got these little monkeys all over her desk, so if it’s somebody like that, a stuffed animal could be the right thing.” Clearly these are secret voodoo monkeys that are lined up a certain way to keep Demi  frozen in time and hotness. The couple is bypassing gifts this year, though, and sending flowers to victims of human trafficking through their DNA Foundation. Every day is Valentine’s Day for them anyway.

Kutcher forewent the cliche and proposed to his wife on April Fools’ Day, which is a good game plan if you’re afraid someone is going to say no.    

Garner admits she had a crush on a teacher once and gave him her heart shaped necklace for Valentine’s Day.  She never got it back.

“I just feel like, C’mon Mr. Monaghan. What did you do with my necklace?”

I bet Mrs. Monaghan is looking around her neck at the gift her husband got her right now.

Here are some the stars of the cast at Valentine’s Day’s UK premiere today.