Ashton Kutcher Loves The Red Carpet And Misses Costar Cami

Ashton Kutcher rocked the red carpet last night for the premiere of his new movie ‘What Happens in Vegas’ without his beloved costar Cameron Diaz by his side. Cameron is in LA after the sudden death of her father last Tuesday, but Ashton said the actress is doing well considering the tragedy.

‘She is doing well … as well as you can do,’ he said. ‘I can’t imagine losing my dad. That would be … a pretty tragic deal. But I think she’s doing good, and you know what? She’ll be happy that’s she’s making people happy, and she’s great for the movie.’

Ashton also took advantage of the event to make quite a few fans happy. He stayed on the red carpet visiting and entertaining the people for 2 whole hours, much like Tom Cruise used to do.

‘I love London and I love the women here,’ Ashton said, quickly informing the press that ‘Demi doesn’t mind at all.’

Hmmm. Demi doesn’t mind him traveling to promote his movie, or Demi doesn’t mind him canoodling with the ladies of London?

We’ll find out when we see how many shopping bags Demi has Ashton carrying around town when he returns home.

Photos: Getty Images

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Photos: Getty Images