Ashton Kutcher Talks For Cameron Diaz

Ashton Kutcher is speaking on behalf of his What Happens in Vegas… co-star, Cameron Diaz, who is currently “seeking medical” attention. The actress, who is still in mourning after her father’s passing last week was unable to attend the premiere for her new comedy, in which she stars alongside Ashton.

Kutcher addressed the press on the red carpet “Sadly she will not be joining us for the premiere as she has just lost her father and is under medical attention with stress at the moment.”

And we here at Socialite Life would like to wish her a speedy recovery because we can’t in good conscience make too much fun of her while she’s down and out. We’d prefer to wait until things go well for her again.


More photos of Ashton Kutcher arriving at his hotel in London are after the jump.

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