Ashton Kutcher Thinks Deep

Here’s some shots of Ashton Kutcher on the set of his next flick, Spread. In it, he plays a dog that has to deal with all the women he’s screwed over. He’s a tall drink of water, isn’t he? Demi Moore must have to climb up on that.

It’s refreshing to see that he doesn’t have the abs definition that some of these gays have. He’s too busy fooling the tabloid media to do crunches.

Ashton’s a regular guy. Check out the picture in which he’s eyeballing the ass of the chick in the bikini. Hah! Caught! Demi will cast a Kabbalah curse on you! Your penis will Jewish mystically fall off!

Is that Maria Conchita Alonso he’s acting with? Is she the plastic surgery plane crash in the black and white? Maria, what happened? I loved you in Predator 2!


More photos of a shirtless Ashton Kutcher on the set of Spread are after the jump.

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