Ashton Kutcher Attacks The Paparazzi

July 11th, 2005 // 10 Comments

When will celebrities learn that paparazzi always travel in packs.

Ashton shows off his ability to rip cotton.

Ashton shows off his pissed off face.

Well that seemed to work out swell.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Brian

    Why does anyone even want this idiots picture?

  2. Glad all that ancient wisdom & infinite patience of Kabbalah is working out so well for Ashton. Maybe he needs a little more Kabbalah water to cool off that hothead of his.

    Dude, where’s my spiritual growth?

  3. Steve

    If I were is his position I’d be stalking the stalkerazzi or juggling chainsaws outside on the drive way just to keep my face out there. Some just can’t see that their clock only has 15 minutes on it I guess.

  4. Jasmine the Intern

    First of all Ashton should be used to this type of thing by now and even if the photographer provoked him he should have used all of his infinite Kabbalah wisdom to overcome his anger. And if I were that photographer I’d be like “Hey Ashton, hey guess what buddy? You’re totally going to pay for this Hanes His way cotton blend t-shirt, you crazy Mutha F**KA!!” Then I’d be like ” I still got your picture and I’m bout to get paid bee-yatch!”

  5. marg

    you know, it seems like more and more paparazzos are young hispanic males. the ones that cameron diaz attacked appeared to be hispanic as well. (she’s half-hispanic herself.) i hope i don’t see any racist responses to this like the ones that were posted after the whole oprah at hermes fiasco. it’s an interesting trend though.

  6. typerT

    What a Pretty boy with that flattering bandana… lol

  7. medea

    doesn’t HE harrass people on PUNKED?

  8. bb

    maybe the paps were trying to snatch a pic o’preggo demi

  9. lala

    ashton isn’t nor ever WILL be a “pretty boy”
    brad pitt, is a pretty boy (tough too) but ashton? sorry, it’s just not going to happen.

  10. Brian

    Ashton better cool down. He isn’t a real big dude. He’s real skinny. He’s lucky he didn’t get destroyed. Ha ha.

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