Ashton Kutcher And His Mom Out And About

April 9th, 2008 // 7 Comments

Here’s Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore leaving a friend’s apartment building. I think May/December is turning into April/January. I salute their love, and admire her patience in putting up with his loud, goofy ass. But she’s occasionally looking her age lately. Not that it’s a bad thing, but when it happens it makes her look like she’s effing the paperboy.

Ashton, meanwhile, is making some changes. No, he isn’t dumping his mom-looking wife. He’s switched agents. He’s made the leap from Endeavor to Creative Artists Agency. Ashton’s a successful guy. His film career hasn’t been stellar but he’s produced a number of successful reality series, including Punk’d, Pop Fuction (yeah, I used a “u”), and Beauty and the Geek. So I guess that’s a coup for CAA. Then again, Pop Fuction? You can’t fool me with your dumbass show, Ashton!


By J. Harvey

  1. Loob

    “Ashton Kutcher And His Mom”

    Snort! You bitch, J.Harv! :D
    For some reason I totally thought for a second that you were really going to show us a picture of his mom! I must need coffee. xD

  2. breezy

    travolta syndrome

  3. chronickritik

    Please, stop using the (Yeah, I used a “u”) shtick…it was sorta funny the first time, and now it’s just not. That is all.

  4. art

    envy is not good for your health. and btw, i used pop fuction before you because i thought he fucked you really hard. just wait for his next pop fuction is gonna be harder

  5. Loob

    The standard of troll seems to be dropping. If that’s possible.

  6. ashes

    I also thought you were gonna show a pic of Ashton and his mom…and I thought it was his mom for about a second.

  7. Zelda F.

    Loob, I think I agree, but I’m still trying to figure out wtf Art said…..

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