Ashton Is An Ass, Demi Six Months Along

July 7th, 2005 // 9 Comments

Does a celebrity acknowledging that they are pregnant, or a celebrity hiding their pregnancy, cause more paparazzi frenzy? That is the Demi Moore question.

Moore and beau Ashton Kutcher went to the Leammle Five Theater on Sunset Boulevard in L.A. Monday night to see the indie flick “The Talent Given to Us.” In the unbiased opinion of our spy: “She is definitely pregnant. She’s about five or six months — I know, my wife just gave birth — I know what pregnant women look like! She sat there watching the movie, with her legs spread, hand rubbing her belly with Ashton’s arm around her the whole time.

Ashton loves his pregnant woman, but apparently he doesn’t love his disabled twin has to claim welfare to help feed his baby son.

Ashton’s sister-in-law Melissa Kutcher, 24, claims the Punk’d star has done little to help his brother Michael who suffers from cerebral palsy and survived a life-or-death heart transplant 13 years ago.
Melissa said: “Ashton told the world he loves to help his sickly brother but in reality he doesn’t take too good care of him.

“A few months ago Michael asked Ashton if he could borrow $2,500 for a hearing aid. Ashton asked if he could get a loan from their parents or a bank and Michael told him that wasn’t an option. “Ashton then told Michael he would think about it and call him back about it.”

“We now rent a home that costs about $58,000; Ashton’s big wheel truck probably cost double that. We earn so little money our children are on a form of state welfare. It’s embarrassing when people know we are related to Ashton Kutcher. Ashton has always just cared about himself.”

Demi and Ashton’s Kabbalah beliefs have also caused tension in the family, according to Melissa, who has recently been served with divorce papers by Michael.

This now is making much more sense. Melissa is getting dumped. What a perfect time to tell her story to the tabloids.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. SIX MONTHS?!? Damn. Now that makes sense why in the new Versace ads she’s laying on her stomach

  2. ma

    Yea well if that is true, what an ass! She probably is just saying that because she’s mad that she’s not related to the Kutchers anymore.

  3. betty boop

    Why would it matter if it is true. I mean it would be nice for him to help out but why is he obligated? I dont see why he should be the one keeping them out of poverty, just because he is rich? She is jsut made because he just wont hand over his money for her to live and “take care of the brother” People need to get a life and earn there own damn money. Its not his fault that she sits on her ass eating cheetos and doesnt make good money.

  4. ^Wow. I’m a Republican, and even I’m not that heartless. (Joking, of course)

    I have a hard time believing this. Unless Ashton is as stupid as he truly looks, or extremely selfish, I do believe he would help his disabled brother. I’m usually pretty fiscally conservative, but even I couldn’t sit by and let my handicapped brother and his children live on state welfare (if anything, I’d be charitable with them just to spare them from the embarassment).

    Yep, all this sounds like a lie to me. And what perfect timing! Telling her story after she’s been served with divorce papers. Sounds like almost perfect retribution to me.

  5. gigili

    betty boop: although it’s not necessary it’s surprising that someone wouldn’t help their own familly out. But yeah your right, besides this is starting to sound like a soap opera!

  6. lala

    soap opera nothing! This is just plain crazy!

  7. Carrie

    I’d lke to clarify, PEOPLE do not SUFFER from cerebral palsy. It is NOT a disease. Its a result of brain damage which generally occurs in the womb or during birth. I should know, I have CP. The only consequence for me is that I walk a bit like a toddler or drunken person. There are varying degrees…BUT PEOPLE do not suffer.

    Also, I know there are other resources available for Michael Kutcher to get a hearing aid. Its true, they are expensive, but there are many agencies that could help him.

    Maybe Ashton just doesn’t want his family to see him as a money source.

  8. Oh Come on

    Yeah I was kinda of pissed off when I read this interview. They were all so angry that Ashton wasn’t giving then more money, spending more time with then – “oh we are so poor and so miserable”. Well what i can see is that they collected all the dirt on him at the first occasion. And I bloody fucking hate people who think that they are owed this and that.

  9. Iluna

    SHE ISNT PREGNANT….six months? *lmao*

    check on Clasos pictures…………

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