Ashton Kutcher Shows Off His Underwear For The Masses, Currently Investing In Fashion [PHOTOS]

Oh no! Is Ashton Kutcher the latest celebrity to fall victim to the dreaded sagging epidemic?

The attractive actor was spotted arriving back at his London flat earlier today when photographers got a glimpse of Ashton’s underwear from behind. I gotta say, I always pictured him as more of a colorful underwear dude and not a straight up white underwear dude.

And now comes the big question? Are those Calvin Klein boxers or briefs? It’s a good thing he made sure to cover up the other night for an outing with girlfriend, Mila Kunis. He might have gotten too cold otherwise. So, you guys now how Ashton is a serial internet investor, right? 

Well he’s got another venture he’s into! According to reports, Ashton has invested in Hunt, a fashion start up that helps you find clothes, jewelry and other items shared on sites like Pinterest and Instagram. My, that is rather fancy, isn’t it?

Ashton clearly doesn’t have a preference in what he invests in. He’s just on top of all the internet trends. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Ashton’s underwear and tell us if you think it’s boxers or briefs in the comments!