Ashton Kutcher Upsets Neighbors By Peeing In His Yard

Ashton Kutcher told Jay Leno during his recent press tour for his new movie No Strings Attached about a neighbor having problems with him urinating on his own garden.  Kutcher, spotted above at Good Morning America in New York City to promote No Strings Attached on January 20th, received a letter from a disturbed neighbor about the hobby he does with his dogs:

Showbiz Spy quotes Kutcher, “…I mentioned it on a talk show and then got a letter from a neighbor saying ‘It’s illegal in Los Angeles to urinate on blah blah…you urinated on my property’.  And I was like ‘No, I urinated on MY property. So I feel this is a legal issue now.”

Does the neighbor think if Kutcher urinated in his own garden that it means it might have a chance to seep over to his yard?  Maybe this is a question Kutcher should look up when researching the legality of urinating in your own yard.