Ashton Kutcher Upsets Neighbors By Peeing In His Yard

January 24th, 2011 // 30 Comments

Ashton Kutcher told Jay Leno during his recent press tour for his new movie No Strings Attached about a neighbor having problems with him urinating on his own garden.  Kutcher, spotted above at Good Morning America in New York City to promote No Strings Attached on January 20th, received a letter from a disturbed neighbor about the hobby he does with his dogs:

Showbiz Spy quotes Kutcher, “…I mentioned it on a talk show and then got a letter from a neighbor saying ‘It’s illegal in Los Angeles to urinate on blah blah…you urinated on my property’.  And I was like ‘No, I urinated on MY property. So I feel this is a legal issue now.”

Does the neighbor think if Kutcher urinated in his own garden that it means it might have a chance to seep over to his yard?  Maybe this is a question Kutcher should look up when researching the legality of urinating in your own yard.

By Caitlin Tadlock

  1. Sue

    2011…an invention for humans called a toilet.

  2. DiDi

    Wow, an Iowa boy allowing the rest of the world to see what a classy boy he is. Not.

  3. Bobby Dee

    I think it’s funny that these dumb ass broads have a a problem with a man behaving as a man.

    • Wes Jones

      As a man, I resent that remark. A real man has respect for others. He is, and will always be, a boy.

    • Gary Mitchell

      He pe’d on me last Saturday morning. I thought it was raining. Quite a gusher !
      Anytime Ashton. its all good. You keep peeing baby. It’s your garden.

  4. L.Borja

    When our bathroom is occuppied my husband has peed in the backyard, but he is respectfull of the neighbors. He doesn’t whip it out in front of them then wonder what their problem is. He is aware that there are children in the neigborhood and they don’t need to see his business. This young man needs to quit showing it off.

    • Bob

      Did you read the article? He didn’t whip it out if front of anybody:

      Showbiz Spy quotes Kutcher, “…I mentioned it on a talk show and then got a letter from a neighbor.

  5. Pat

    You know I kinda like this kid, but he acts too trashy and too much is coming out about him and his kinky wife. Will now avoid Aston stuff, he is white trash.

    • Gary Mitchell

      He pe’d on me last Saturday morning. I thought it was raining. Quite a gusher !
      Anytime Ashton. its all good. You keep peeing baby. It’s your garden.

  6. Pat

    and….Im sure his home has numerous bathrooms for him to use.

  7. Mike Hanks

    Suddenly I’m liking this guy. Gee I think it’s written in the constitution, “the pursuit of home ownership and peeing in one’s own garden” . Show me a guy that hasn’t taken a squirt on his lawn or garden because he couldn’t wait and I’ll show you a person who squats when they pee…

  8. denise123

    If I’m gardening and I don’t want to stop, I’ll pop a squat in the yard . So , what.
    Only I make sure I can’t be seen.. that may be the difference. It’s not cool to disregard the neighbors when doing it.

  9. denise123

    Oh yeah, you know what’s rude , crude, and socially unacceptable? When Rhihanna can’t stop touching her privates on stage!! What .. is she a compulsive masterbator ? I’ve never seen anybody touch their cooch as much as her! Yuuuk!

  10. ashton kutcher blue scarf black long sleeve shirt blue nfl hat
    Commented on this photo:

    People with that kind of money and fame, for some reason think anything they do is ok………………….AND ITS NOT ! I bet his mother doesn’t approve. Shame on you.

  11. Tripp

    I say go for it. There is nothing wrong with peeing in your own yard, as long it’s in a private area. Has anyone ever read “Yellow River” by I.P. Freely? No harm done.

    • Wes Jones

      If it was in a private area, how would the neighbors know about it? Did he put it on his face book, or youtube? Wouldn’t be surprised.

    • Jude

      Read the article before spouting off. He said he mentioned it on a talk show. Thats how his neighbor found out.

  12. lo hung

    it’s known as marking your area…..same as dogs..even for the so called high society..

  13. Sandy

    I thought he was more grown up then this. I was shocked to see it was him.

  14. Nancy

    Ashton Kutcher: Shame on you acting like a redneck.
    Sandra Bullock: I’m proud of you for keeping your cool, and high standards and
    not stabbing that jerk in the back in the public. You have class.
    Rihanna: She’s too young and needs to get some class. Hey, watch Sandra.
    Kim Kardashian: Why can’t any of them speak like an adult?
    Ben Affleck: Come on dude, you’re too old for that finger thing. give it up.
    Please, NO MORE KAte G. TLC, what are you thinking? the program is old
    already. been there, done that.
    you know who always presents herself properly and yet I’m sure she has alot of fun in her life? Drew Barrymore. she always acts so grateful to people and has a good sense of humor and doesn’t trash people. She’s a good actess too.
    Paris Hilton: She still has a show? Why??????? This girl needs to grow up. Isn’t she like 42? ha ha ha ha ha.

  15. wf

    Outside of his house is the same as urinating in public. Should be against any decent law. What a low class!!!!

  16. Nancy Sterne

    Disgusting! Peeing outside is for animals. What gives with men who feel that it’s ok to pee outside, even if it is in their own yard! Isn’t there a law about indecent exposure in public???

  17. ashton kutcher blue scarf black long sleeve shirt blue nfl hat
    California Granny
    Commented on this photo:

    It may not been the britest idea to pee in his own yard, but what the heck was the neighbor doing out, watching what Ashton is doing in his yard???? Sounds like that neighbor needs to get a life of his own, instead of spying on his neighbors. As to the urine in the ground, in Europa it is been used for gardens. Nothing in it would do any harm.

  18. Corinne

    What can you expect out of a 12 year old when his mother/wife is not home.

  19. jdypat

    He can pee in my back yard any time he wants to.

  20. k

    Boy, that’s some info I couldn’t have lived without. Didn’t I just tell you guys Kutcher was a bum?

  21. Sherri

    Come on, people! It’s not a redneck thing. It’s not a disgusting thing. It’s a MAN thing. Men love to pee outside. My husband does it all the time. He doesn’t “whip it out” for the world to see. He’s discreet about it. He says it saves water, and keeps the deer and other critters from eating the flowers and veggies. Chill out, people. I’ll bet there are more men than you think, that “tinkles” in the bushes or behind the trees, but would never admit it. Like I said, it’s a “MAN” thing. So, chill out!!

  22. jan

    It is a man thing, my husband says he likes the feeling of fresh air on it. LOL!!
    And yes, he does it discreetly.

    As for AK, he is so in love with himself it makes me puke. He can sermonize on twitter all he wants and act like he cares about the world, but it’s all for show.

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