Ashton Kutcher Naked In ‘Two And A Half Men’ Debut, The Reviews Are In [PHOTOS]

September 20th, 2011 // 17 Comments

So how well did Ashton Kutcher‘s premiere episode of Two and a Half Men do in the ratings? Really, really well. 27.7 million viewers tuned in for the episode.

The show also had 10.3 million viewers in the prized 18-49 demographic. The ninth-season premiere was easily the most-viewed episode in the show’s history. While the shows rating were amazing, how were the reviews of Ashton’s performance? A bit mixed.

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Here’s a sampling of what some of the critics had to say:

Chicago Sun-Times critic Lori Rackl: “Monday’s opener got off to a surprisingly good start, considering it took place in a funeral home,” she wrote. “Penis and fart jokes are one thing — and the first episode made it clear the show intends to keep cranking those out. But death is a tougher sell, even before a studio audience full of fans.”

Hank Steuver of the Washington Post: The show has never featured any “complicated story lines” and that Kutcher “demonstrated just how uncomplicated it is. Two and a Half Men is never too funny, never too odd, never too naughty,” he wrote. “Again, this is why it’s on in hospital lounges and the waiting room at the oil-and-lube.”

More reviews, plus a clip of Ashton’s naked debut are after the jump.

TVLine: “Men wrestled with the hung-like-an-elephant in the room: Is there as much humor to be mined from a goofy, well-endowed billionaire as there was from a not-as-wealthy jingle writer who seemed to satisfy women just as easily? Early indicators suggest no, seeing as the sitcom already and quickly played the “Look, He Accidentally Bedded Two Hotties At Once While Alan Lay Weeping and [BLEEP]ing” card.”

Chicago Tribune’s Robert Lloyd: “Kutcher brings a softness to a series that could be brittle and sour, misanthropic and misogynistic, and temperamentally middle-aged,” he wrote. “His presence might allow Cryer to play some sweeter, less strident notes, though it is up to [series creator Chuck] Lorre, of course, to make that happen.”

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  1. It was just OK. I don’t find him(ashton) as funny as Sheen. And Ashton seems to talk very gayish (no offense) to the homosexuals out there). At least with Charlie he had a job and it worked into some story lines but what do you do with an internet billionaire? Time will tell I guess.

    • Misael

      I’m offended by your confusing statement. Was it his dialogue that implied that his preference was homosexual in nature? What does Kutcher sounding a certain way have to do with his acting ability and the storyline? Again, confused.

  2. Tom

    The show beyond sucked… CBS over hyped it… Ashton does not fit…. he acted like a goof ball moron…. the writing sucked…. it got lots of curiousity rating points, but it was a total disappointment…. Imagine pulling Lassie from the old ‘Lassie’ show and replace her with a poodle….. same result…. they all made enough dough when Charlie Harper was center stage…… give it up Epstein…. create something new

    • Ashley

      I 1000000% agree! Or bring Charlie back some how! This show wont last more then one season with Kutcher, he deff does not fit in the show.

  3. Steve

    Kutcher is NO comedian! He played a DUMB character on the 70″s show and his persona carried over to last night! Cryer and Sheen et al played off eachother and that’s what made it work. There is NO purpose for the other characters without Charlie’s off the wall lines feeding the show. I agree this show WILL NOT make it more than a season if that. Kutcher should go back to Demi is he needs comedy!

  4. Mary Lou

    Barf bar when up through the roof and is continuing to gain height.. Kutcher sucks.

  5. Marianne

    I think Ashton Kutcher should get cleaned up,first of all, he always looks like he just got out of bed, he needs a shave and a haircut, the acting, definately not like Charlie Sheen, even though Charlie Sheen is crazy

  6. lionel charrion

    This show is pure crap ! What a waste of time ! It was a total vendetta from the producer again Charlie no more no less! Totally disprectful to the fans !

    • Dora

      I absolutely know that the show SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where is Jake and the other characters!!!!!! All the characters fit so well together now they don’t. BRING Charlie back or kill the show!!!!!!

    • Dora

      I absolutely know that the show SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where is Jake and the other characters!!!!!! All the characters fit so well together now they don’t. BRING Charlie back or kill the show!!!!!!

  7. bsmart2

    I think Two and a Half Men jumped the shark last night.

    I do think they could have brought Ashton in so the show might have worked. I would have had him come in as the illegitimate son of Charlie and he inherits everything, including Alan. Have him be as big a player as Charlie was.

    Like I say it might have worked. It would have at least made some sense.

  8. Sprig

    The entire show really sucked. Not good at all.

  9. DJSoy

    I will try to watch one more show to see if my opinion changes…but have to say now, what a big disappointment. I love all the characters on the show, but Charlie was the glue, the spark that made it happen. Have to agree also that the internet billionaire thing is so far-fetched. Even if you killed him off, BRING CHARLIE BACK!!!!

  10. NELLIE


  11. diana williams

    Even when Charlie was drunk or stoned, he could act circles around this guy! No comedic talent at all!! The producers have really screwed up a #1 hit show…

  12. Chuck Cleland

    I have to agree wholeheartedly with all the above comments. After two episodes it’s crystal clear that this new permutation of the show won’t have the ‘legs’ to continue long. Kutcher isn’t the right guy for this role, and the show’s writing really sucks badly. I’ll still take reruns that feature Charlie than waste time over the ridiculous, muddled plot line the cast is forced to work with. Crazy or not, Charlie Sheen is what made this sit com succeed. And his absence is what will cause it to fail.

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