Ashton Kutcher Loves ‘Two & A Half Men’ [VIDEO]

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Ashton Kutcher may have spent the past few years only gracing the silver screen, but now he’s headed back to television in Two and a Half Men and according to reports he loves it. Ashton was on The Late Show With David Letterman last night to promote the season. Check out the video of the interview after the jump. Sadly, he wasn’t naked during this promotion.

Ashton started filming his episodes at the beginning of August. According to him, the audiences went wild and it took him awhile to get comfortable with doing a live sitcom again. “I mean, from being on That’s ‘70s Show, it was, like, I got used to that, like, walking out in front of the audience, and after a while, you sort of forget that, you know, where that muscle is, and you get out there and the audience goes crazy.”

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What was it though that prompted Ashton to head back to television? It was none other than Robin Williams. Once Robin visited the That ’70s Show set to visit Kurtwood Smith, who played Red Foreman. During the visit he said something that stuck with Ashton, he told them that he would love to do a sitcom again after doing Mork & Mindy all those years ago. Anyway that stayed with Ashton and now we get him on Two and a Half Men.

Check out the video of the interview after the jump. Ashton is pretty entertaining. And thankfully he’s not getting in trouble here. Are you guys excited about the new season? Will you watch it? Leave us your comments below.

By Sabba Rahbar

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