Ashton Kutcher Just Bought A Ticket To Space

Demi's Good Ol' Days
The future ex-Mrs. Kutcher pre-midlife crisis
Okay.  So let me get this straight.  Virgin Airlines created a new division called Virgin Galactic, is building spacecrafts to provide commercial flights to space, and Ashton Kutcher will be one of their first 500 future astronaut passengers they will shuttle into space?!  I don’t even know what to think about all of this. Personally, I think astronauting should be strictly done by astronauts but if people are willing to pay the cash for an experience like space flight, who am I to say anything about it?

The first flight to space has yet to be scheduled so for now, Ashton will just have to continue to work and wait until he gets the call to pack his bags.  The Two and a Half Men star was seen coming out of the Kabbalah center in Los Angeles on March 17 donned in all white.