Ashton Kutcher Brings Gun Show To Stagecoach Country Music Festival

When you buy tickets to the gun show, things tend to get explosive.

That’s just what one security guard found out when he and Ashton Kutcher went head-to-head in a shoving match at the 2013 Stagecoach California’s Country Music Festival in Indio, California on Saturday.

Ashton was having a perfectly lovely time checking out the country music acts during the event until a female fan approached him for a handshake, according to TMZ.

” We’re told when Kutcher went to greet the woman, security intervened and shoved the two of them … and chaos ensued.”

Witnesses say that despite the fact that Kutcher’s guns were on display, he was not the who started the fight and, in fact, chose to leave of his own accord.

Sounds like maybe the security guard was just trying to flex his muscle.