Ashton Kutcher In ‘Details’

Ashton Kutcher looks like a college kid who got caught making time with his best buddy’s mom in the photos below. He’s in Details and letting the reporter watch his Kabballah rituals, and referring to wife Demi Moore as “one of the smartest people he knows.” Keep in mind, he hangs out with Wilmer Valderamma and Diddy.

During the interview, the reporter noted that Ashton took out goblets of wine and water and said prayers over them. He noted that he doesn’t follow a “religious leader” but his beliefs are a “combination of prairie wisdom gleaned during his Iowa childhood and New Age Hollywood metaphysics.”

The best part of this interview is when Cameron Diaz is on the scene. She’s Ashton’s co-star in What Happens In Vegas… and he discusses his upcoming gig hosting Saturday Night Live with her. He hits upon the idea of having her do a walk-on. This is seriously their conversation:

“During the monologue, like, you could come on, where you’re thinking you’re hosting and I think I’m hosting,” Kutcher said.

“Oh my god. That could be so funny.”

Kutcher kept going. “Like, ‘Hi, I’m Cameron Diaz.’ And then I’m like, ‘Cameron, what are you doing?'”

“I’m hosting Saturday Night Live,” she said, picking up the riff. “What are you doing?”

“I’m hosting SNL.”

“I’m hosting SNL.”

Diaz threw her arms around Kutcher. “Oh my god, totally–we have to do it.” They kissed each other on the cheek.

It’s like the ninth ring of hell. This is the reason why aliens are going to wipe out our asses out someday. They’re going to get this article on their alien newsfeed and just make it a mercy killing.