Ashley Tisdale Goes To College In ‘Hellcats’

March 19th, 2010 // Leave a Comment

Ashley Tisdale will be in a new show called Hellcats about cheerleading on the CW. I feel like there are three things in that sentence that I’m supposed to not like, but this has the potential to be just the guilty pleasure I’m looking to fill the spot that the terrible season of OTH has left. I probably lost some street cred with that admission, but here’s another one. I like The Tiz. I’ve never seen High School Musical and I’ve haven’t heard a lot of her music (although while we’re putting it all out there “He said, She said” is in my itunes), but mostly I just think she seems like a normal fun girl and I usually like her dress choices. Tisdale recently made another big move in her career by scoring a production deal.

The show will be about a a girl from “the wrong side of the tracks”, Marti, who joins a  competitive college cheerleading team and Tisdale will play the captain of the squad. Marti will be played by Aly Michalka who, like Tisdale, is a Disney alum (Phil From The Future) and has one foot in the music world as half of Aly & AJ.

Ashley left  LeCompte salon in Beverly Hills yesterday before finding a parking ticket on her Mercedes. Good thing she’s got that Hellcat money coming in.

By Madison Ventura

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