Ashley Tisdale Is No Robyn Lively

What? Screw this! Ok, I never saw it but I can recall having many lady friends (and a few mo’s) who loved Teen Witch. It’s was a gem from childhood! Robyn Lively played a teenager who discovered she had magical powers because she was descended from the witches of Salem. No, she wasn’t tortured and put to death by maniacal townspeople. And Ashley Tisdale and her new nose are looking to remake it. She dares?

Ashley plays the bitch from the High School Musical series of epic films, and she’s looking to keep her momentum going. Not only has she signed on to do a remake of Teen Witch, but she’s also signing a deal to produce films AND create a series about her life for the Disney channel. She’s not going to star in it. Someone needs to help out the tweens with their taste levels.

Ashley is currently filming High School Musical 3: We’re Turning 30 Yet Still Have First Period Study in Utah.