Ashley Tisdale Is No Robyn Lively

April 17th, 2008 // 10 Comments

What? Screw this! Ok, I never saw it but I can recall having many lady friends (and a few mo’s) who loved Teen Witch. It’s was a gem from childhood! Robyn Lively played a teenager who discovered she had magical powers because she was descended from the witches of Salem. No, she wasn’t tortured and put to death by maniacal townspeople. And Ashley Tisdale and her new nose are looking to remake it. She dares?

Ashley plays the bitch from the High School Musical series of epic films, and she’s looking to keep her momentum going. Not only has she signed on to do a remake of Teen Witch, but she’s also signing a deal to produce films AND create a series about her life for the Disney channel. She’s not going to star in it. Someone needs to help out the tweens with their taste levels.

Ashley is currently filming High School Musical 3: We’re Turning 30 Yet Still Have First Period Study in Utah.


By J. Harvey

  1. snadygram

    LOVED teen witch! Robyn Lively is Blake Lively’s sis – if anyone does the remake it should be her!

  2. rootabega

    oh hell nah! J you have never viewed this gem?? you Must run out for the Beta immediately! from zelda rubinstein to the fashions? priceless. i want to be the most popular girrrrlllll……

  3. dondadav

    Seriously, it was an amazingly aweful movie. You should totally watch it, I’ve seen it many times. I just imdb’d Robyn, and she is 10 times more stunning now than when she was younger!

  4. christine

    NOOOOOOO!! that movie is wonderful the way it is – especially the “rap” scene! how depressing the studios can’t or won’t come up with much more than remakes… there’s so much angst about teenagers, it shouldn’t be difficult! i’ll be boycotting this one.

  5. Amanda

    The Lively family lived in my small town of Tallapoosa. Her aunt was an aide in my 4th grade class so we watched a lot of her movies! Saw Not Quite Human so many times it was ridiculous.

  6. nic

    No one can TOP THAT original. I’m upset they are even thinking about it.

  7. Xicana

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen that movie, and I still die laughing during the rap scene every time. Genius. There is no way that they can remake Teen Witch and make it as wonderfully horrible as the original. NO. WAY!

  8. e-dogg

    OMG, I am SO GLAD I’m not the only child of the 80′s who loved AND STILL LOVES TEEN WITCH!! There are so many phenomenal songs/themes–one of the best is when she makes the voodoo doll of the evil teacher and sends him through the car wash–priceless! I love that the dad was Darren #2 from Bewitched. Of course the rap scene is so priceless–and the choreographed dance at the end–so good!! I may have to go on ebay and try to find a VHS…my beta machine finally gave out after 25 years :)I WILL NOT WATCH THE REMAKE!! And Brad is still hot.

  9. Lovely

    Xicana, you’re so ghetto and you have no taste or intelligence (must be bcuz you’re a xicana), that movie was fantastic, all movies are reflective of their time period, you can’t judge 80s or 70s movies based on 2008 standards because the technology and social norms were different then, DUH! Get a brain (but it must be impossible because you’re xicana)!

  10. Really?

    Really? I’m getting really sick of people who are so against Hollywood remaking these different films. Now I love the original Teen Witch as much as the next person, but if you are so against a remake of these movies, then you don’t have to see them. People act as if by doing these remakes that these studios are also destroying the original, never to be seen again. It’s not the end of the world.

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