Ashley Tisdale Gets Her Club On

September 19th, 2007 // 14 Comments

“High School Musical” star Ashley Tisdale debuts her new video “He Said She Said.” Rate Ashley’s new video from her debut album “Headstrong” in the comments.

By Michael Prieve

  1. AshOLey

    Is it horrible that I like it? Her dancing is pretty horrendous but the song is really catchy and she actually looks pretty. She should stick with the more grown up look and stop getting done by Disney.

  2. KT

    I love it! Fun song! Let’s just hope she doesn’t end up like Miss Spears or Lohan in a few years…

  3. Gangstalicious

    She’s hot but the song sucks and she probably didn’t write it anyway

  4. AK

    The last 40 or 30 seconds of the video when she is in the white outfit is very Britney. Not so sure which video, but I’m sure that Brit Brit’s done that.

  5. Ldysunfyre

    I feel like a total ass for knowing this, but her last name is Tisdale, not Tinsdale.

    I’m going to go shoot myself now.

  6. E-dogg

    Love it! She looks so cute and the song is definitely catchy–she looks a hell of a lot better than she did in those movies.

  7. Persistent Cat

    Jesus God, that was terrible. It was just so bloody repetitive. The dancing was hilarious. Have you ever seen old Alanis, before she got “angry?” If you are Canadian, you have. The big song was Never Too Hot or something like that and there is a dance montage. That’s what that video reminded me of (one of her other videos featured pre-Friends Joey and there was spoken word, yes, it was just as awesome as it sounds).

    AK, it’s similar to Toxic when Britney wore the diamond body stocking.

  8. stef

    her name is TISDALE not TINSDALE

  9. K@

    Its sad I love the song, I love her, she just seems pretty adorable in her interviews unlike how big headed Zac and Vanessa are… not a great voice but neither are half the singers out there right now… her dancing needs work but i’m sure she is trying to transition from disney girl to actual woman cuz isnt she like 23 or something??? anyway i like it, someone gave me her cd so i’ve been listening to it this summer its great cheezy pop… so i like it!!

  10. cocoa

    I think it’s really sad that “artists” like her get so much exposure, but relatively few people know about Amos Lee, Patricia Ahn, and Peter Katz. Is this really music?

  11. Barbara

    She may be in her 20′s but it would benefit her to remember that ALL her fans are pre-teen and even younger. This video looks like she’s reaching for a demographic that she really has no hope of touching.

  12. Miranda

    Umm the lyrics were really repetitive.. she said he said.. omg her dancing was so choreographed and bad.. and that guy! I’ve seen somewhere before! Like in a movie or something… where is he from?

  13. joan durtz

    ahahahhahahahhahahhaha! I can’t believe that you people actually like this crap. I would be scared to see your cd collections. WAK!

  14. nnessa

    what the hell… niece is like 7 and she loves her….what kind of a role modle is that?????i dont want my niece moving around like that..or wearing those kind of clothes…if shes gonna b on disney then she needs to watch what shes do’n…u dont see Raven runnin around like a hoochie….

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