Ashley Olsen Wants To Design Furniture

First acting, then fashion, now furniture. Is there anything this girl doesn’t want to do? 
According to New York Magazine, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s clothing line, Elizabeth and James, may branch out into furniture in the near future. “It’s really getting to the point where it’s becoming a lifestyle brand,” says Ashley, whose company will soon launch a line of sunglasses, followed by handbags. 
From the start of their fashion ventures, the Olsen twins, pictured here at an Art Auction Benefit in NYC on Friday, have tried to downplay their celebrity status and focus on their designs. “We almost tried to find a front person for a while, so we could just kind of be behind it, but it’s worked out,” commented Ashley. 
I actually think some Olsen furniture would be pretty awesome; they have impeccable taste (minus the cheap-tastic looking Olsenboye line that they designed for JC Penny), and perhaps some Elizabeth and James furniture could be appealing to the high-end crowd.But then again, I’m pretty biased–I’ve wanted to be the Olsen twins ever since Full House. Either way, Ashley seems pretty determined to succeed in the business. She even gave up acting for it, saying, “I just wanted to focus on one thing 100 percent, and so I chose the fashion industry.”
Would you be interested in seeing some Elizabeth and James furniture? 
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