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January 31st, 2006 // 55 Comments

It’s unconscionable to breed with the number of children who are starving to death in impoverished countries. I know it’s a strong opinion a lot of people won’t agree with and that’s not to say some day I might not feel a different impulse.”

(Source: FemaleFirst)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Pepper

    She’s absolutely right.

  2. Anna

    Nice CYA clause there at the end.

  3. King Smart Ian

    I’ve long argued that each time you have a child, you should have to kill a starving child in Africa just to try and keep the Earth in some kind of balance.

  4. Back Sass

    Shame her parents didn’t see things her way

  5. Zardok

    I think its unconscionable for an “actress” to make several million dollar per picture while most of the world lives in poverty. Nyuh!

  6. Cally

    The first couple of times I read the quote, I was sure that Ms. Judd was stating that it would be impossible to have, um, relations with all the starving children. Perhaps she should watch her syntax.

  7. Anna

    ^ Cue Nicole Richie joke

  8. IfITypeItLooksLikeImWorking

    she is not a mother therefore cannot comment on how “unconscionable” it is to conceive a child herself, you cannot question every woman’s natural instinct and more importantly every woman’s right to give birth.

  9. King Smart Ian

    I think she meant: “I think its unreasonable to breed with the number of children who are starving to death in impoverished countries”. She’s right – there’s way to many of them for her to breed with and they probably don’t have the strength to give her a go.

  10. Amee

    KSI – you’re right. Who on earth is asking her to sleep with all those kids? Unicef?

  11. akflave

    Who cares whether she’s a mother or not? The issue isn’t the “natural instinct,” which, by the way, isn’t so natural when you can’t take care of the baby. She didn’t say women don’t have the right to bear more children; she said it is unconscionable to do so when the child is guaranteed a miserable existence.

  12. mrs. vaughn


    twenty bucks she fells that way ’till she’s knocked up.

  13. King Smart Ian

    akflave: I don’t think that’s her point. She’s not talking about women in Africa who shouldn’t have kids, she’s talking about women in the western world who shouldn’t have kids because so many of them are living in misery in Africa. This logic is why she is an actress rather than something more challenging like making change on the New Jersey turnpike

  14. Melanie

    Hmmm… nice discussion of what is wrong with the world and so on, but I’d respect her a lot more if she adopted a child. “Normal” people do that every day and don’t feel they need to make “strong” statements about it.

  15. Rob

    With any luck this means she wont be breeding little vapid hollyweird children!

  16. Shannon

    Someone who once dated Michael Bolton has no business passing judgement on others… shudder.

  17. BlahBlah

    She’s absolutely right. As a non-breeding woman myself I find it refreshing that this POV is finally seeing the light of day. Too many breeders are too quick to shun this POV, saying it’s anti-woman or unnatural…what’s unnatural is the rate at which the population is exploding vis a vis the dwindling amount of natrual resources in the world to support such population growth!!!!!!!!!

  18. BlahBlah

    P.S.- absolutely amazing that the same woman that comes from the same backwater Southern upbringing that spawned Winona “Three Big Macs and a Diet Coke” Judd has evolved to a world view bigger than Kentucky!

  19. catters

    For one thing, there world isn’t close to being overpopulated. The US ALONE destroys enough food to feed the world. The problem is the impoverished countries lack of money and complete oppression, corruption and mis-appropriation of wealth. This also includes life here in the ole US and other Western (and “wealthy”) countries with huge poverty issues. As a woman who hopes to someday become a “breeder” (stupid idiot word) I say FUCK YOU to anyone who thinks my choice to raise a child that I happen to give birth to myself in a loving environment is unconscionable. Anyone who thinks otherwise I hope you are silently weeping in your beds at night wondering why oh why didn’t your mother abort you! What is unconscionable is making millions of dollars for looking pretty and “acting” like someone who has a gnat’s perception of what the world is really like.

  20. ali

    Whatever…every woman and family has a right to be able to breed their own children from their own blood. Go ahead and adopt if you want but don’t try to make people feel wrong for wanting their own kids. There are a lot of people in this world who can’t have kids who can do the adopting. Hollywood should shut their traps and give a lot of their unneeded money that they waste on ridiculous things to the children in need.

  21. I think I get what she is saying. I thing more specifically some people should NEVER be allowed to have kids like the ones dumping their kids in trash cans, abusing kids, beating kids, molesting them – those people should be ABSOLUTELY banned from procreating. But unfortunately, we can’t stop them so we have morons having kids they harm or can’t take care of.

    Her statement is a strong one and I respect it. I think maybe we can do both, breed and adopt. Maybe, people from a certain economic status should be forced to either sponsor, adopt or foster care a poor child, whether it is here or overseas. So many rich and upper middle class families waste so much on their kids while there are kids with nothing.

    I commend Ashley for , at least, being conscious of kids who don’t have.

  22. King Smart Ian

    Excellent idea: wealthy people should be forced to adopt poor people’s unwanted children.

  23. Fugly Girl

    She’s making a pretty damn strong statement for someone who might change her mind down the road. While I respect her for having the balls to state her opinion I do think her opinion and statement are the dumbest f-ing things I’ve ever heard. Has she adopted any children? Didn’t think so. I would also like to see how much she spends on clothes, jewelry, homes, etc versus how much she donates to charities that go to support children in these circumstances. Until this woman is giving the clothes off her back I just can’t begin to see why she would make such a stupid statement!

  24. La Reina

    Given what I have read about Ms. Judd I would say she is being a hypocrite. Sounds like another star who is obsessive about her looks bullshitting about why she will adopt rather than get pregnant. I guess she saw how much weight Winona gained and cannot loose and got scared. The question is how does her husband think? Some people do better as the favorite aunt or uncle than as parents . But the solution to the operpulation is not for us to not “breed”. Birth control and voluntary sterilazation should mandatory for some.

    Ps. There is something about becoming one emotionally and sexually with your mate that somehow gives birth to the desire to join the genes in a child … A living testament to your commitment and love for each other. I guess you could say it is progreation as the Goddess meant it to be.

  25. BlazerMary

    If I had Naomi Judd for a mother, I would probably think that way as well. Mama Naomi is easily one of the most frightening people on earth.

    As for Ashley, if memory serves me correctly, didn’t she have some problem a few years ago about neglecting her animals…leaving them in an apartment with no food or something? I’m not sure of the details, but it was something like that

    If it is true, maybe it is better that she not have kids.

  26. Whatever

    Ashley Judd is one of the more worthless, if not the most worthless, actresses out there. Can anyone name one good movie she’s been in? I would venture to say no. Who the fuck cares what she has to say- she just likes to hear herself talk and use “big” words like unconscionable. I’ve felt this way about her for quite some time, after listening to several interviews only to turn them off to run to the bathroom and puke.
    Women have been giving birth for a very long time and if we all stopped because of the problem of impoverished countries (which has also been going on long before she was born), then where would we be?
    Okay- got that off my chest, now I’m off to procreate with my hubby!

  27. Go Brangelina! Sorry, thought this was a Brangelina discussion and I just love those…

  28. rawr

    I can’t stand that nutjob! From her constant incorrect use of a pocket thesaurus, to that deep manly cover of her southern accent, to her 30 movies with the exact same plot, she just bugs the hell out of me. As a millionaire she could end poverty for entire countries, but instead she decides to insult every parent from the 1st world.

  29. T.J.

    Yes, Ashley! Message received! “Do as I say, not as I do.”

    Thanks, Bitch. You’re the best.

  30. Erica

    she’s talking about all the starving children in the world. if you can’t support them, don’t have them. there are children dying all over the world of disease and starvation. people need to be educated on birth control, and stop having children that will live short and painful lives. we can give all the money in the world to africa and other countries, and it’ll only be a temporary fix.

  31. John-Boy's Mole

    While I agree that not having children is a valid and good choice for myself and others like me, the Judd bitch is an asshat. She’s trying way to hard to appear intellectual and it’s coming off very badly.

    That being said… I would throw myself down a flight of stairs if I was stupid enough to get knocked up.

    …and yes, it is STUPID. It’s 2006 people! There is this crazy new technology called birth control. PLEASE use it! The world has plenty of people.

  32. Icallbullshit

    What BS bass-ackward elitist crap is this? I should forego my right to have a biological child with my spouse to account for the often irresponsible, unrelenting procreation of people who all agree cannot support their own children?

    If Judd had said we should discourage people who can’t afford to support children from procreating, she’d be blasted pillar to post for stepping on their fundamental rights as human beings. “How dare you suggest poor people should not have kids they can’t feed?!” Its the people who work their asses off who should pay the freight for that, let the third world keep pumping out babies till the cows (emaciated cows) come home. Poppycock.

    We should certainly do all we can to help the less fortunate, particularly by provided edcuation and birth control in impoverished countries where available effective birth control is just not available. But this ignorant, paternalistic prattle is insulting, mostly to the people she thinks she is “protecting.”

    What we really should do is provide free cable to the thirld world so they’d have something other to do than “breed” all damn day long.

  33. Jess

    I think some of you have misunderstood her inane statement. She is saying that we should all adopt instead of have our own children – a la Brangelina. But she only feels so strongly about that right now, and might change her mind later on. She is saying that because adopting is so very “in” right now. I am sorry, this will sound harsh, this will sound uncaring, nasty comments about my comment will ensue, but the starving children in other countries are not my problem. If I had more money, of course I would do what I could to help, I would like to think most people would. But I don’t, so I focus on myself and MY OWN family and our happiness. Sorry, but when I have children, they will be my children, and there is nothing wrong with that. Ashley Judd sucks.

  34. wow

    wouldn’t it be nice if the one thing had to do with the other?? whether or not females in the western world reproduce or not has no direct economic, political, environmental or climactic effect on africa. however, if we were to collectively stop reproducing out of respect for africa, in a few generations,our economy may eventually diminish and the millions of dollars we send in aid to africa every year (which we’ve sent for decades only to see the overall situation worsen) will be considerably less. there simply is no correlation what so ever. nice try, though, ashley judd. by the way, who asked your opinion on anything, ever????

  35. whoop

    There’s 6 and a half billion people on this earth. Approximatly 2 people die every second, and three are born.

    We’re too self-centered a species to properly care for the kids that we already have, and we insist on breeding at a faster rate than we can sustain. Ten percent of the world’s population consumes 90 percent of its resources. The math is clear.

    Ashley speaks truth.

  36. petersburgva

    she is 100% right.


    ICALLBULLSHIT: How, my friend, do you suggest poor people around the globe stop from procreating? With no available education or no birth control availability in countries where clean water is a luxury? Should poor people just not have sex? How should this be done? Neuter them maybe? You’re a pig and like all pigs have nothing to back up the crap you swim in.

  38. Another Nice Shovel for ICALLBULLSHIT

    ICALLBULLSHIT: By the way, the reason we here in the US can afford the luxury of supporting the kids we pop out is because for centuries we pillaged and ravaged continents like Africa. The gold and natural resources from that country fed many a rich mouth. It build our Empire. Never mind stealing their people , millions of them, for unpaid labor here in the US. Sorry, not unpaid labor, slavery. Now, the continent is vacant and their people are dying like flies. And now we ask them to stop FUCKING! Stop it. Stop popping kids out. You animals! That is what we tell them cause we White folks are so much better. We have common sense. We know how to not have kids. Besides, we can afford ours. What a load of shit. ICALLBUSLLSHIT: You are pointless. Shut up and go buy yourself some common sense.

  39. amber dawn

    Ah, I give her marriage to that race car dude she is with 1 more year. He’s gonna want kids. Hey, look what Brad did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. James Henslin

    It is so sad when people think that poor people have babies to not care for them. The problem is so much serious and deeper than that. In these countries there’s sometimes no education, no services, no information, No birth control. Get a clue people – If we think that people are going to stop having sex it’s plain stupid. Simply ignorant. Understand the issues before making insensitive, ridiculous, ignorant statements. You’re embarrassing – Truly!

  41. the other Judd

    ugh…shut up Ashley. You self righteous B actress…..

  42. Uhm, Yeah

    Judd is 100% right. How selfish is it to pop out babies? What’s the real reason people have children? Think about it. Some want their children to take care of them when they get older, some people just think babies are cute and they want one, some people want kids because society tells them they have to. I am a woman, and I agree with Judd 100%.

  43. jodroc

    i am ignoring the comment (ridiculous – perhaps she and her husband cannot breed and she is getting in a pre-emptive strike.)

    However every comment that Ashley Judd makes has a sub-text. And that sub-text is: i am educated, i went to college, I am more than a beautiful woman, respect my brain. Oh please.

    Replacing a simple word with one with more syllables does not make you sound smart. Just pretentious. Anyone can get friendly with a Thesaurus. Perhaps she should take a leaf out of Hemingway and realise that simple language works.

  44. John-Boy's Mole

    Bravo, jodroc. Bravo.

  45. doug evans

    she should start a family planning clinic in sub-saharan africa with her millions. and build it with a kitchenette so she can make sandwiches.

  46. mutterhals

    I’ll never have a child cause they suck.

  47. ali

    It’s selfish to want or have a child? OK there…

  48. ShoeSlut

    Funny… Those EXACT, SAME words came flyin’ outta Angelina’s mouth and thank God she has a big yap, ’cause as soon as she snagged herself a choice sire (sometimes also referred to as a puppet), ***POOF***, the holier-than-though-ness went out the window…

  49. Jess

    Actually, the west supplies these countries with sexual education and birth control. They refuse to use either because they think it’s evil. That is just plain stupid. If we give these people all (ok, perhaps not ALL) the education and birth control they need, why is it our problem anymore? If they choose to be ignorant and keep having kids, then fine, leave them to their own. I can’t afford and don’t want to spit out a kid every 9 months and I like sex, so I take a pill every day. They don’t have that luxury, I understand that. But they are given condoms and wont use them. I have a hard time feeling badly for people that wont help themselves. Just my opinion.

  50. Jess' Inbred Trailer Trash Mom

    Jess, Of course “these people” distrust the West. Look at our track record: rape, war, slavery, apartheid support, stealing of their resources. Of course they are distrustful. But they also know they need our help so it is a tough situation to be in. If you don’t care about them as you say then go ahead. But we should use Sept 11 and Hurricane Katrina as an example that no matter how rich we are as a country, we are not exempt from disaster, chaos, and destruction. We think we are so high and mighty because we use birth control and only the Africans suffer, huh? We better chill and pay attention to the suffering around the world. All the south Koreans have to do is press a button and BANG we’re done. So stop criticizing others for their poverty and have some humanity. Ashley is just expressing an opinion, by the way – she is entitled to it. That is what being American is all about.
    Jess sounds like an idiot.

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