Ashley Judd Has A Harvard Degree And A Man With A Big Trophy, What Do You Have?

For those of us who still don’t understand the sport where cars go round and round and give you the spins when you watch it, we might not have known the Indianapolis 500 was this weekend (or cared). But damn, if some (sort of) celebrities didn’t run to the race.

Ashley Judd
supported her husband of nine years Dario Fanchitti who won! USA Today says that Judd also graduated from Harvard two day earlier with a Master in Public Administration, so there goes my whole theory about who watches this stuff.

Kim Kardashin, who I’m shocked wasn’t hosting some Miami/LA/Las Vegas liquor-sponsored party at a club for Memorial Day weekend sported a matching QuickTrim (ah, that’s it) uniform with Kourtney Kardashian…and Bruce Jenner. Kris Jenner was too cool for school.

Jack Nickolson was there in his Lakers hat. He might be at attending a different sporting event, but you have keep the good mojo going.

Jeremy Renner was almost incognito in his hat, and he stood far away from any ladies, avoiding any new coupling rumors. Please stand by for Jeremy dates-an-entire-platoon rumors.