Ashley Greene Wanted to be a Lawyer

June 15th, 2010 // Leave a Comment

Before I even get into her interview with Jay Leno, will you look at these pictures from Jack Magazine? Teased hair, sultry eyes, Ashley Greene is looking like one hell of a sex kitten in these glossy pages!

And to think, this Twilight star might have skipped the silver screen… for a court room?

“I wanted to be a lawyer. I liked the act of the mock trials, I liked be up in front of the class pretending to be a lawyer. What better field to go into if you want to pretend to be a lawyer,” she said to Leno jokingly last night. Watch the video of Ashley and Leno after the jump.

To think someone else would play our favorite little pixie, Alice and doing The Twilight Saga: Eclipse promotions is ghastly!

But Ashley is enjoying the fame and sex pot status, which by the way, she doesn’t even work out hard to achieve.

“I hung out with Kellan and I ended up eating pizza,” she says when asked if she worked out before the Women’s Health Magazine shoot.

By Samantha Eng

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