Ashley Greene Nude With Bodypaint For SoBe

January 8th, 2010 // 5 Comments

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is set to run some very provocative ads featuring Twilight‘s Ashley Greene. The actress is featured in the upcoming campaign for SoBe’s Life Water.

Here’s the exciting part for you horny Ashley Greene fans. She’ll be completely nude, but with some strategically paced bodypaint. At least this time she’s not going to mind of these nude photos are published.

Check out the photos from the shoot in the gallery, and watch the video after the jump.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. edith

    this is why i love kristen the most. Ashley will end in playboy for sure

  2. edith's mom

    Oh, Kristen will be showing her t*ts soon enough. After all, she’s of age now. She’ll be doing the standard Hollywood pole-dancing role to show she’s an adult and rid herself of the Bella “nice girl” image of the Twilight series.

    Rest assured she’ll do nude scenes and work that pole like a pro. Screen grabs of her bare *ss and boobs (and maybe more) will be all over the internet. She’s Hollywood now, so it’s a given. LOL!

  3. darci

    How old is she? Her boobs are sagging.


  4. bebe

    ashley is definitely on the route to be megan fox want to be. she is doing this nudity for a lot of magazine and none of her movie is really happening beside saga.

    oh yeah, she will end up in playboy and some of the hot men stuff department commercial. i bet she loves it.

  5. Sam

    She always wanted to be a model so im not surprissed about this, i dont think that kristen is goin to do stuffs like this she’s way different than ashley i mean kristen is always ashamed of herself like she doesnt like to talk about her and stuff… and ashley is ovbiously really proud of her and her body, i dont know if ashley is gonna end up like megan fox hope not cuz she’s a good actress and of course she’s way hotter than megan.

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