Ashley Greene & Nikki Reed Try To Break The Curse Of Nicotine

The curse of being a vampire is nothing compared to the hold cigarettes have on the cast of Twilight. But Ashley Greene and Nikki Reed are fighting against their baser instincts.

A friend of Nikki’s admits to E!, “Everyone on the cast smokes, and they are all trying to quit because they are on Twilight and know they are in the public eye.” The two are banding together to try and give up the nasty habit using SmokeStiks.

I can’t imagine quitting smoking would fit in very well with Kristen Stewart’s new rock star image, so I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for that one to get herself on the nicotine patch.

Gallery Info: Ashley Greene at the Rock & Republic Robertson store opening party & Ashley arriving at The Belmont Cafe where she used to be a waitress.