Ashley Greene Goes Long With Hair Extensions

May 18th, 2009 // 14 Comments

Actress Ashley Greene was seen out with her dog this morning wearing long hair extensions. The New Moon actress was seen just three days ago out and about with short hair.

Thoughts on the long hair? I wonder which role did she got the extensions for?

Gallery Info: Ashley Greene sporting new hair extensions in Los Angeles

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Courtney

    Her hair is naturally long, the short is the wig for New Moon…

  2. Nicky

    Courtney, she has had a hair cut in real life so she is wearing a wig in the long hair photos. I’ve seen her on other gossip websites sporting her new short hair do. The long wig isn’t a very good one. It makes her look a bit gothic. She’s a gorgeous girl otherwise.


    I like the longer hair better. It could be her longer hair or human hair extensions

  4. juliejewels

    Long or short, she’s a very pretty girl. She can carry off both styles and look great doing it.

  5. Ashley

    Actually she wore a wig in Twilight. So she got to keep her long hair during that. but to make NEW MOON more like the book, she cut her hair to a shorter length. So thats not her real hair in those pictures, their extensions.

  6. Lexi Clearwater

    i love the new short hair!! It looks great on her. Thats not to say I prefer it, because I don’t.. but I mean the long wig doesn’t suit her very well.. oh well i still love her! she’s beautiful no matter what!!

  7. domisgone

    She actually reminds me a bit of Lily Allen…

    I hate the longer hair. I love Ashley with shorter hair!

  8. attlee jolley

    i think she looks great did u see her in those pictures of kirsten and her she really has short hair and my hair is like that but my hair is better than her hair so i have nothing to worry about but i wished she would of kept her hair any way she wants i’ll still be her # 1 fan in this whole world more than you know

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  12. Courtney

    I heard she had them done at Love Hair BC!

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  14. Cherie

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