Ashley Greene Does Things Other Than ‘Twilight’

Crazy, right?  I guess showing your boobies does get you work.

I kid!  I’m sure Meryl Streep did the same thing at 22.  Right?

Anyway, Ashley Greene talked with MTV about upcoming film Skateland, which girlfriend does no skating in.  False advertising!

“I’m pretty coordinated, but I’m a little terrified of falling and breaking things,” she said. “I was a pretty clumsy child, so I’m always very aware that I’m a little bit accident-prone. But I wouldn’t have minded jumping on some skates.”

Boo-hoo, Ashley!  That won’t sound harsh when you hear what she said about the movie’s 80’s setting.

“I didn’t really get to experience the ’80s except as a 1-year-old, so it was really cool to be able to go back and learn a lot about it. And the music — Michelle, my character, is really into bands like the Smiths and the Cure and stuff like that, so I actually did get to learn a lot while doing this.”

Adorable.  They decided to chronicle my junior high experiences.  Wait, did I say junior high?  I meant, uh, preschool.  Shut up!  I’m not old!

I’m back.  Let’s talk about The Apparition.  Ashley is on set now as we speak!  In fact, we’ve even got some pictures of her filming in Palmdale, California on Friday the 26th.  It doesn’t look anywhere as scary as it sounds.  I think it’s the puppy.