Ashley Greene And Joe Jonas: Lovers Loving Love

Ah, look at these two.  All ironic-hipster-shirts and blow-outs.  How I miss young love.

So here we have some pictures of Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas picking up birthday junk for Joe’s little brother Frankie’s 10th birthday yesterday (Frankie came up short in the Jonas name lottery, non?), and I’m smelling something fishy here.

Does anyone else think this feels a little set up?  Exhibit A: I’ve only seen Ashley in only three genres of pictures – post work-out (btw, that is really paying off her her; look at those quads!), casual shopping day, and red carpet.  She is never so well-quaffed and made up.  And for those of you thinking she did it for Frankie’s party, when is the last time you went to the salon to go to a kid’s party?

Exhibit B: These two rarely touch in public.  One of the many things I like about them.

Theory: There are a few rumors on the down-low that Ashley is Joe’s beard (allegedly!!) and has been less than discrete about her other flings (allegedly!!).  I’m not saying I believe this; every celebrity is accused of being gay at some point.  But I am suspicious of fake celebrity relationships brokered as a business move.  The public deserves better than that, liars!

Regardless of all that, these two are adorable and I plan to embroider their likenesses on a pillow.  Check out more super-cutie-wootie pictures in the gallery!