Ashley Dupré Sues Joe Francis, Gets Manager

Things really couldn’t be going better for the alleged prostitute at the center of the whole Gov. Eliot Spitzer sex scandal. Ashley Dupré is suing Joe Francis, the Girls Gone Wild mogul, for using her voice, name, picture and likeness to promote his brand. Dupré was only 17 years old when she exposed her breasts for the Girls Gone Wild video cameras after she claims she was given alcohol and coaxed into participating in the video.

Since she was underage at the time of the incident, she was not of legal age to sign a release form and is asking for more than $10 million in damages. I’m guessing none of that money is claiming that her reputation was sullied because um, isn’t she a call girl or something?

In any case, this scandal has done wonders for her recording career. The ambitious escort has just been signed by manager Jerry Blair, who currently manages singer Mika and orchestrated Mariah Carey’s reinvention after her notorious public meltdown. Well, if he’s worked with Mariah, he probably won’t try to make Ashley stop dressing like a hooker.