‘Revenge’ Star Ashley Madekwe Talks Personal Style And Emily’s Devious Look [INTERVIEW]

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Revenge’s Ashley Madekwe chatted with SOCIALITE LIFE  during Joico Hair’s Drab to Fab shoot, styled by the brand’s international artistic director, Damien Carney.  We wanted to know more about the British-born star and her other gig as a self-made fashion blogger.

SL: When you read the scripts for each episode of Revenge, do you ever think to yourself: “How the hell could anyone get away with this in real life?”

AM: No, because we are all so “in it” now, and we read the script together; we usually get it right before the table reads.

We read them aloud as a cast, and we inhabit that world; we’re all committed to it.  We’re all within this heightened reality.

SL:Some of us (ok, fine. one of us) allow these thriller series to seep into our day-to-day lives. Do you ever feel like you’re living a plot out of Revenge at the grocery store or while picking up your dry cleaning?

AM: I wish! That would make my life infinitely more interesting. Emily (vanCamp) does a sort of look we call “the croc.”  We christened it on the pilot episode. 

(vanCamp) had this inspirational picture of Grace Kelly in a lake, with just her eyes above the water. Then she found another photo of a crocodile doing the same thing, so that’s why we call that particular look “the crock.”

We (the cast) can all “croc.” It’s not just for Emily.

SL: You have your own fashion blog, Ring My Bell. What made you want to start it?

AM: I’ve always been an actress, but the blog came about because I loved reading personal style blogs. My husband (actor Iddo Goldberg) is a relatively good photographer, and he takes those shots. I wanted to join in and be part of the blogging world.

I was acting when I started it, but I didn’t have the recognition that I have now. So they kind of came together, acting and blogging. They now go hand-in-hand.

SL: You mix high fashion with high street retailers.

AM: It’s my personal style. Everything you see on the blog is what I wear in my everyday life. What I’m careful about not doing is showcasing a red carpet look, because you can find those on photo agencies like Getty. I have people helping me out with those sorts of looks.

It’s more interesting to see someone’s day-to-day looks, and to find out how to get those. I understand that not everyone can buy a Chanel bag, but I try to make it accessible in that they can “get the look.” Not the exact copy, but the look.

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