Ashley Greene Reveals Why Joe Jonas Brought Knives On A Plane

I so wish the reason was because Joe wanted to up his street cred. Unfortunately, that was not the reason why Joe Jonas brought knives on a plane.

According to Joe’s girlfriend Ashley Greene, “We were going from the Middle East to New York, so [there was] tons of security, tons of screenings,” Greene, 23, recalled on Lopez Tonight Tuesday. “We got through one, surprisingly enough.”

At the second security checkpoint, security “looked at us with these stern faces like, ‘What’s in your bag?'”Joe had purchased a cheese-cutting knife set during their trip, Greene asked him if he’d accidentally put them in the wrong bag. Jonas’ response: “Whoopsies!”

“Whoopsies doesn’t cut it,” Greene laughed. “We were going to get arrested!” After explaining the mix-up, security allowed Jonas to stow his knife set under the plane. “It was embarrassing,” Greene added.

I’m assuming that she was embarrassed because her 21-year-old boyfriend was detained by airport security over a cheese-cutting knife set. At this rate, those rumors will never go away.