Ashley Greene & Joe Jonas To Spend New Years Eve Together

Ashley Greene is with Joe Jonas. She could date any hot piece of ass in the world and yet she is dating this guy. There must be something special about him because Ashley and Joe are spending New Years Eve together after they attend the invitation-only Jay Z and Coldplay NYE concert at the brand new Cosmopolitan resort. Joe recently turned 21, so now the party really starts for these two love birds. And here is the exciting thing, Joe is actually going to Vegas all by himself! No brothers will be attending this grown up celebration!

“Joe is really growing into his own,” says a Jonas source, “He loves his brothers, but wants to have some time with Ashley alone and just party.”
Wow, that is a big step for Joe. But I don’t think it merits as much credit as say, his appearance and obvious expertise being put to good use on Top Chef. Ashley has been busy also. Seen here, actress Ashley Greene signs copies of ‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ at Best Buy on December 17th in New York City. You have to love her new red hair color and the vibrant outfit she is wearing. May these two lovers continue to shock  us with their wild and crazy antics!