Ashley Benson Grabs Her Boobs While Selena Gomez Looks On, James Franco Remains Indifferent [PHOTOS]

James Franco Goes Kfed
James Franco in character on 'Spring Breakers' set
'Spring Breakers'
Selena Gomez grabs a snack on the set.
The Spring Breakers cast was back together and it looked like they were enjoying themselves during a cast dinner in Venice Italy.

Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, her boyfriend Austin Butler, Ashley Benson, James Franco and director Harmony Korine shared laughs and at one point Ashley Benson shared her cleavage with the group.

As Ashley leaned over the dinner table and cupped her boobs, Gomez looked more than surprised, but seemed to be transfixed by the little show.

Vanessa Hudgens couldn’t keep her hands off of her boyfriend Austin Butler (of course). The couple was spotted kissing each other throughout the evening. 

James Frano, on the other hand, just kept smiling with his stoner gaze and took it all in.