Ashlee Simspon Still Destroying ‘Melrose Place’

September 24th, 2009 // 4 Comments

Here’s what Laura Leighton is thinking about right now. THANK GOD my character was killed off so I don’t have to work with Ashlee Simpson. Hands down, Simpson is one of the worst things about the new version of Melrose Place.

My favorite Ashlee moments are her “reaction” shots. When she doesn’t say anything, but she either needs to acted scared, shocked, disgusted or sexy. Those need to be made into a gag reel. Precious, precious moments.

If you remember, until Heather Locklear arrived on the original series, it was pretty bland. Do you think Heather can add some juice into the new version of the show, or is it doomed because of Simpson’s lack of acting abilities?

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. dee cee

    Ashlee can’t act on things she never felt or cared about.. LIKE normal interests and about the lives of others.
    Repeats words or memorized passages, such as commercials for cash, but not to interpret a dramatic character
    Does not make friends
    Does not play interactive games
    Is withdrawn
    May not respond to eye contact or smiles, or may avoid eye contact
    May treat others as if they are objects
    Prefers to spend time alone, rather than with others
    Shows a lack of empathy

  2. zalie

    What’s she doing with Sarah Michelle Gellar’s face?

  3. Lalique

    Two words: she sucks.

  4. jameson

    they need to stick her with some pins, needles and tweezers…or else just get some unknown redhead that’ll probably do much better

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