Ashlee Simpson Warns Other Girls To Keep Their Paws Off Her Mascara

August 10th, 2007 // 3 Comments

Ashlee Simpson got huffy recently when groupie chickenheads were throwing themselves at her trannie boyfriend. She was probably just jealous because no one wanted to talk to her and her fake nose.

In Chicago last weekend with boyfriend Pete Wentz to stop by the Blender Sessions at the Hard Rock Hotel and help Crobar Chicago co- owner Mike Matushcka celebrate his 40th birthday, Simpson refused to let any girl come between herself and her man. When female fans tried to take their pictures with Wentz, Simpson “got whiny and dragged him away,” a spy said.

Oh can it, sister. What do you think this bitch is up to when you’re not around? He’s a rock star! What do you think he’s doing on that tour bus? Trading makeup tips with these ladies? God, what am I saying? He probably looks at cute cami tops from Locher’s online with them and discusses his plans to have his anus bleached.


By J. Harvey

  1. green cardigan

    Does a Penguin have an anus though?

  2. rican35

    And if a penguin does have an anus should you bleach it or paint it black?

  3. umm no u do not make fun of ashlee simpson w/ her nose ok she is famous and nice i met her pick on Someone ur own size she is better than ur bisness and u ok in this way she is taller ur jelous ok ad pete would not do that haters r sick they r happy and married so bakk-off

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