Ashlee Simpson Is Hoping To Scream Her Way To A Hit Show

Melrose Place lives! Finally after months of just hearing that Ashlee Simpson was working on the show we’ve got a promo video. Who loves promo videos? I love promo videos! She may not be making a Michael Jackson tribute album, but she is busily working on the show.

The show, which premieres on the CW on Sept. 8, is a remake of the popular 90s show of the same name. Ashlee plays Violet Foster who is, according to People, “a small-town girl trying her luck in L.A., who has a “disarming naiveté [that] masks the calculating, shrewd sex kitten within.”

Wow. Mommy Ashlee who takes little baby Bronx Mowgli Wentz anywhere he wants to go is playing a calculating, shrewd sex kitten? Huh. This should be entertaining then. Watch the promo and let us know what you think. Some of those Melrose men are pretty sexy.

Gallery Info: Ashlee Simpson takes Bronx Mowgli Wentz to class and on a playdate in Los Angeles.

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