Ashlee Simpson Happy With Jessica’s New Man

Ashlee Simpson spent time with her lovely sister Jessica in Italy recently. Its no secret that Jessica has had some relationship troubles over the past few years. Yet Ashlee is happy with Jessica’s new man Eric Johnson. This is the Yale graduate who dropped out of a prestigious business program at Wharton to be with Jessica Simpson. He won’t regret that decision at all.

OK Magazine had the scoop on Ashlee’s trip to Italy. “I went to Italy with her… we had a wonderful time. It was a great time for the family to hang out,” Ashlee Simpson said.

Seen here with her son Bronx on August 13th in Los Angeles, Ashlee wasn’t going to reveal very much about the relationship, probably for fear of being strangled by her older sister. But she did share her first impression of the dude.

“Jessica is happy, so I am happy,” she said.

Ashlee is said to be reviving her amazing music career soon, which is like, the best news ever. She was recently in the press talking about how she lost her baby weight after giving birth to her son Bronx. The girl has come a long way from her jig dancing days.