Ashlee Simpson Milking This Baby Thing For All It’s Worth

If you can’t sell a record, sell a baby. Or the rumor of one. Here’s Ashlee Simpson in NYC, enjoying every minute of the is she/isn’t she pregnancy question. Hence the cloak of secrecy. The newly engaged to Pete Wentz singer made an appearance on MTV’s TRL and decided to act all insulted when the question of her possible pregnancy came up. She deemed it “inappropriate.”

Pete and Ashlee made this video back in February. In it they joke about pregnancy, and Ashlee is shot with a fake baby belly. Foreshadowing! In other awesome news, Ashlee’s sister Jessica is reportedly bullshit that Ashlee might be shooting out a kid first.

“Jessica never imagined that her tom-boy younger sister would have a baby first,” a source explains. “It would be very hard for her not to be jealous.”

Damn right. Jessica hates being overshadowed. She’s going to start trolling the playgrounds looking for a baby to steal because you know Tony Romo is not going to give her that sort of gift. He’s a dumb jock, but he’s not that dumb to buy into that family via his semen.

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