Ashlee Simpson Condemmed To Hell

January 6th, 2005 // 16 Comments


She should just give it up. It’s getting to be really sad. It looks like a few people tend to agree. (Note to all the tweens who will comment that because I’m bashing Ashlee I must be jealous of Ashlee; I’m not. I find her pathetic. How about this, try leaving an articulate comment on the reason’s why she should be accepted as an musical artist.)

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Tom

    The comments on Adrants are classic, like people talking about her range and whatever.

    Well, that’s great that she can sing in studio. Unfortunately, she can’t sing on stage.

  2. ihearthighheels

    (An excerpt from my LJ re: Ms. Simpson’s antics-I completely agree with all of you!)

    The icing on the cake is her appearance at this year’s Orange Bowl’s halftime show. “Lip-synching again?” you ask. Ha. HA! No….try getting booed off stage. Now I have to wonder….who’s fault is it? Who was the brains behind that operation? Who actually thought with the dangers of acid reflux and singing (like, you know….for real!), to get Ashlee Simpson:

    a) Up on a stage

    b) In front of an audience…in a LARGE FOOTBALL STADIUM (This ain’t SNL’s tiny ass studio at NBC)

    c) On LIVE television. AGAIN.

    d) To actually sing. Oh, the horror.

    I’m not even going to mention the outfit. I’m assuming you can see and realize for yourself. In fact, I think the acid relux is working it’s way up to her eyes too. Ouch.

  3. Kelly Ann

    If I were her drummer, I would quit the band and write a tell-all book. Obviously, daddy Simpson threatened his life or paid him off in order to get him to accept blame for the SNL debacle.

    Am I the only one who suspects that Ashlee has a “voice double” for her studio stuff? I don’t think that is really her singing at all! It is time to reclaim the stage for those who deserve it!

  4. I am so sick of her. You should not become a singer if you can’t sing!

  5. mick

    i remember back on her show she said “Whats the point to being an artist, if ur gonna be like Hilary Duff?!”

    now all the coming musicians will probably think “Whats the point to being an artist, if ur gonna be like Ashlee Simpson?!”

  6. Oh come on… you are so jealous of that.

  7. buntcake

    What’s it going to take to get rid of her? …Certainly she must cry every night, by now.

  8. al

    Haha. Yea Miu I can’t wait to see all the “your jealous y’all!” comments.

    I actually feel sorry for her though..she was prob. just jealous of her sister and she really wanted to be in the spotlight. I must have been hard. she should have just stuck with 7th Heaven, that was good enough

  9. saint

    Just saw Ashlee on CD:UK, So Papa Joe thinks the Brits will accept her if the U.S. won’t. I highly doubt it. She’s so over.

  10. Rob

    There arent anymore Simpson spawn lurking around…is there? VERY frightening thought!!

  11. jane

    i actually give her credit for keeping at it despite the fact that she has so much against her. Man, she’s what, 19? It takes a lot of balls to get on such a big stage and sing while knowing all well that you can’t carry a tune live. I hope she’s as ditsy as her sis offstage coz that will help her cope with all this animosity.

  12. Wendy

    Give her a break- shes totally over anyway.
    “La la” is one of the stupidest songs of all time.

  13. Alllison

    OMG!!!! ashlee is soooooo pathetic.i mean,hello,honey just because ur sis makes the green singin doesnt mean u can!*eyeroll*

  14. vanessa

    ashlee simpson, is so unhappy, shes jealous of her sister she cant sing and shes a wannabe, if your jealous of her your just as bad as her, she shoudl take all the cash she made and levae the damn business. she used thousand of people to buy her stupid CD!. she took advantage she wanted it all, but when your to greedy you get a big fall like she did and she deserves it every bit!, shes a fake! and WANNABE, she should get her act together and should stop being like her sister. She wanted to be the opposite of her sister and she did a GRRRRREAT JOB! BEING A LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    if she was normal she wouldn’t be hated like this she took advantage of people and thats what gets me MAD!!!

  15. elaina

    you can buy your “Daddy, I want a reality show TOO” sweatshirts at

  16. someone should kill them both, jessica & ashley….oh what the heck! lets throw in the dad while were at it.

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