Ashlee Simpson Exposed As Fraud!

October 25th, 2004 // 11 Comments


I knew Jessica was the talented one.

I’ve always assumed that when a musical guest performed on Saturday Night Live, that meant that they were to preform live. However in Ashlee’s case that was not the case.

The music and voice recording started (of the song she sang earlier in the show) before Ashlee was ready leaving Ashlee at a loss for what to do. Hint. Maybe actually start singing, instead of doing a Riverdance jig. Not knowing what the fuck to do, simply walked off stage, leaving the band playing, and soon after the producers cut to commercial.

What’s so sad about this is that she actually blamed the band for the screw up. Ah, who’s lip synching to a back up track? So Ashlee is talentless; let’s just embrace that.

One last comment.

Jude Law is hot.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Buntcake

    He is…but the opening scene was LAME, even for how cute he is. And, I thought the band was playing, when she walked off stage it sounded like one of them stopped for a minute unsure of what to do.

  2. gigi montage

    I think he’s highly overrated. He looked like a fucking hairy gargoyle on that recent Vanity Fair cover. And his acting ability/sincerity is about on par with that other grinning freak, Tom Cruise. Can the 90s be over yet and can we get some new faces now, please? PLEASE?!! Don’t even get me started about Ashlee Simpson. People took her seriously to begin with?

  3. Jennifer

    Ah, sweet validation. I sadly admit that I watched “The Ashlee Simpson Show” on MTV for a while… and I always thought it was interesting that they would dub over her actual vocals in the live performances with her recorded vocals.

    Can we now replace these manufactured airheads with real musicians? Thanks.

  4. Big Chief Dahill

    You want to see some Ashlee bashing, check out her website. It is full of people calling her a no talent cunt. ON HER OWN SITE. Now this is some great internet. I can’t get enough of Ashleegate.

  5. Melissa Carson

    Read what she wrote to her fans on the site. LIAR

  6. kris

    I have to agree, Jude Law is pretty hot. Certainly a lot better than most out there.

    Ashlee Simpson is definitely not original. A real singer would have busted into Happy Birthday,,or anything..not walk off///

    ANd her song on the radio awards wasnt even singing..she yelled the words..anyone can do that..and what is up with all her weird movements? She is unnatural and boring…nothing special at all…At least Jessica is pretty to look at.

  7. The Truth

    Ashlee Simpson’s sucess is more of a criticism of the mainstream public than it is a criticism of Ashlee Simpson. You would have to be a complete and utter moron not to have read between the lines the first time around. If the contrived goth look didn’t tell you that her daddy was trying to position her as the anti-Jessica, then you are beyond help. The truth is someone had to buy her records for her first album to go platinum and it wasn’t just 8 year olds who don’t know any better. Many of you reading thing bough her ablum and are now talking a lot of smack.

    The only winner in all of this is Ashlee’s father who proved he outwitted all of you again. It’s bad enough you started liking Jessica not for her music but for her MTV show. But now daddy got you to like his other daughter as well. What’s next, Mrs. Simpson, the mom, is going to become the 40 year old version of Jessica. let me guess Mr. Simpson will die his wife’s hair red.

  8. chelsea

    Ashlee is an amazing and talented singer, actress, and dancer. She’s also much prettier than her sister, and much cooler. And a lot smarter.. Do you really think that Britney Spears is actually singing at any performance she does? Ha, right. How about Hillary Duff or Lindsey Lohan.. no Ashlee just got caught, that’s the only differance.

  9. Story

    I think the Orange Bowl halftime incident seals the deal as far as Ashlee’s “talent” is concerned. The SNL lip-synching was no accident. If anyone thinks that Ashlee can sing their prescritions should be refilled. Better yet, come meet me in person and I’ll supply the gun so you can blow your brainless head off.

  10. Story

    Ashlee exposed as a fraud!!! YOU THINK ????

    For all you Saturday Night Live Ashlee apologists out there, did you happen to see the Orange Bowl halftime show? If you failed to see it, too bad. You missed Ashlee at here best.

    Ashlee really belted one out. And by that I mean “out of tune”, “out of synch”, “out of step”, “out of time”, and, “out of touch”.

    There is no excuse for the noise that she makes. No talent bad acts are just that, bad.

    Remember this: you can dress up a sow with pretty clothes, put tons of lipstick and make-up on her, she’s still a pig.

    And furthermore, OJ Simpson only killed 2 people. Millions of unsuspecting people would be better off temporarily dead when Ashlee and her braindead sister simply open their pie-holes and pretend to sing.

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