1st Wedding Pix From Pete And Ashlee’s Wedding

Here’s the first look at Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz’s wedding from the cover of People magazine. Man, they’re getting all the wedding pix lately, with Mariah Carey’s quickie wedding making People’s cover not that long ago.

Anyways, Ashlee and Pete were all glowing and happy, with Pete saying of his bride, “She looked like a girl right out of a movie.” And Joe Simpson officiated the ceremony, so that he can say that he married his daughter, I’m sure.

But the best part of this cover (aside from the dog in formalwear), has got to be what looks like Jessica getting freaked by her date to the event, Tony Romo. That is the face of a woman who knows this is her last chance and she better make it count. She doesn’t care if it means her date gets a boner at her sister’s wedding. In fact, that’s actually a bonus.