UPDATED: Ashlee Simpson Pregnant With Guyliner-Wearing Baby

Photos: WENN

UPDATE: So, the official denial of Ashlee Simpson’s pregnancy has come from her fiance, Pete Wentz, who gave a statement to MTV News in an email. According to him, “There is a witch hunt for people to be pregnant whenever they get engaged in Hollywood.”

He continued by saying, “This is all news to me. I can’t wait for the story about how I’m really in a gay relationship and this is all just a cover.” Wait, no more, Pete! That one’s already old news by now.

When definitively asked if he was denying that she was pregnant, he responded by saying, “Yeah.”


We called it! Ok, everybody called it. Ashlee Simpson is knocked up with Pete Wentz’s baby. Hey, at least it isn’t her Dad’s.

Ashlee’s people aren’t commenting about the possible pregnancy, but US magazine is swearing that it’s a definite.

“We are thrilled to confirm their engagement and congratulate this happy couple,” a spokesperson said. “Beyond that there is nothing to say.” Uh huh.

Ashlee, 23, and Pete, 28, announced their engagement last week. In lieu of gifts, the couple is asking wedding attendees to make donations to Clairol, Manic Panic, and their local patchouli distributors.