As Brad Pitt Matures, So Does His Roles

Brad Pitt may have started off with roles as the “heart throb,” but those days are long behind him.  The ‘World War Z’ actor stated to Telegraph UK that he has given up being the leading man in movies so that he can make “films he can leave behind for [his kids]” and that will make them “proud of their dad in the end.”

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Now Pitt stars in movies like his latest, ‘The Tree Of Life,’ a drama surrounding the life of a family and three young sons in the 1950’s.  Not only did this film allow him to look his age, Brad kicked his usual workout regimen and was able to eat a lot and drink a lot if beer.  Definitely different from his past roles!

Brad is such a great family man; he has his entire family with him in Malta while filming ‘World War Z.” Above, Pitt is photographed on the set in Valleta, the capital of the island of Malta on June 29, 2011.