‘Arrow’s’ Stephen Amell And ‘Hart Of Dixie’s’ Wilson Bethel Serve Up Some Sexy Shirtlessness [PHOTOS]

You gotta hand it to The CW for giving us some major hunkage on their network.

Stephen Amell was shirtless once again on Arrow. Amell seemed to take pride in the physicality of this character, and teased similar scenes showcasing his abilities in episodes 2, 3 and 8.

“When I auditioned for the part, I told these guys that I want to do something physical. I want to do this while everything still works,” he said. “I don’t have any superpowers, so it was important to me to be believable as a guy who could fight crime, could go after bad guys and snap a guy’s neck just by tensing up.”

As for Hart of Dixie star Wilson Bethel, he served up the shirtless scenes for three weeks in a row now.

Last night’s episode began with some gratuitous shirtless Wade (Wilson Bethel) painting in Zoe’s apartment. Even Zoe (Rachel Bilson) tells him to put his shirt on. He doesn’t.

Well played CW, well played.

(Images via superherofan.net)