Armie Hammer Talks Humility, Piggybacking Off Famous Actors

Well hello there 6’5”, All-American, perfect bone structure, no potential balding problems, crystal blue eyes, glass of water.

I mean…Mr. Armie Hammer. (But with a name like that, who are we kidding?)

Photos: Armie Makes a Damn Fine Prince

We all recognize Prince Armie from last year’s infamous The Social Network movie, but Prestige magazine gives an amazing insight into the man that is now trailblazing across Hollywood co-starring alongside megastars Julia Roberts, Leonardo DiCaprio and Johnny Depp in a handful of upcoming films.  Nbd.

The article is way extense, but is such a great break from your Monday snooze routine of email checking and report writing. I mean, did you know:

  1. Armie’s only 25?!!
  2. Was raised in the Cayman Islands from ages 7-13
  3. Would give up fame and acting tomorrow if his wife, Elizabeth Chambers, asked him to (she’s gorgeous, so we understand)


Trust us, read the article. But in the meantime, can we talk about Armie’s undress-me-glare in our gallery? Yes, please.